Small mobility scooter

Is a Small Mobility Scooter the Right Choice for Me?

A small mobility scooter can be very handy in a number of ways, but larger scooters also have significant advantages as well.

In fact, a few of our customers own both a large, luxury scooter and one of our small scooters for shorter journeys.

Let’s weigh up the pros and cons


The smaller the scooter the more agile it will be, and, coupled with the unique steering arrangement our scooters feature, our small models have been described as “turning on a sixpence”.

“I like it very much and I’m very happy. I had another scooter before I got my Quingo and I always felt it was very clumsy for getting into shops and other places. My Quingo turns so quickly and getting into shops is now much easier.” Ms Stewart

Small scooter getting in to a shop

Our Tri-Wheel steering offers such an improvement over any four-wheel scooter, that even our larger models can get you around in even unexpectedly tight spaces. The turning radius is surprisingly small for all of our scooters, with the Ultra coming in at 104cm/40.9in and our largest model, the Toura2, boasting 132cm/52in.

On behalf of his wife, Mr Summers said “She is getting on very well with the Plus. She likes it more than her last one as it is that bit smaller and she can get up and down the aisles in our local shops.”


There will always be a trade off in the comfort offered by a small mobility scooter. However, the unique Quintell™ Posture Control System, makes for a revelatory ride experience made possible only by our focus on ergonomics when designing every aspect of our mobility scooters, even the small ones. And our five-wheel design offers up to 80% more foot space when compared to four wheeled scooters.

However, if you wish to travel in ultimate style and luxury you may wish to explore the many refinements of our larger Vitess2 and Toura2 models.

Quingo comfort

“I chose the Vitess2 because it has suspension and it’s more comfortable for me. The turning circle is also better than my other scooter. It’s just the job really.” – Mr Axford


Many of you may need to travel to a local attraction or maybe a retail park.

Here, a small and lightweight take-apart car boot scooter, such as our Ultra model, may be the perfect choice as a small mobility scooter. However, you may also find the self-loading capability of the Flyte more tempting as there is no heavy lifting involved at all.

Transport in a vehicle

One of the key advantages a small mobility scooter should offer is portability. Our Ultra and Flyte models are designed specifically to be transported in cars.

That said, our larger models are frequently transported in vehicles, though this may involve some modification to your vehicle, unlike the Docking Station of our Flyte which is designed to adapt to your boot space with no changes whatsoever.

Mobility scooter transport

Additionally, some of you may be struggling with driving your cars, or lifting even quite small weights, but still want to use a mobility scooter.

Though we have a solution for the lifting in our Flyte, this still means you will be driving the car.

There is an argument for selling the car and getting a more powerful scooter, with greater range, which may well be a better solution for you.

Carrying capacity

The smaller the scooter the lower the capacity for carrying weight it will have, though even our smallest model should meet most needs, we offer some very impressive limits as you climb the range.

The Ultra can carry 133kg/21st

The Flyte, Classic and Plus models offer 159kg/25st

The Vitess2 weighs in at 182kg/28.6st

But the big hitter is our Toura2 with a stunning 220kg/35st capacity matched by an ability to accommodate even the loftiest among us.


Smaller size means smaller batteries. This will always be reflected by a limitation in available range shown by a small mobility scooter.

So, if you are wanting to go longer distances on your scooter, it may be an idea to consider a larger model, such as our Toura2, that has an impressive range of up to 55 miles.

“It’s great and I am absolutely thrilled with it; it’s given me so much freedom. My old scooter had a range of about 12 miles but this one gives me so much more.” – Mr Peacock

Even then, our smaller portable models are not going to restrict you that much in where you wish to go.

For a car boot scooter, the Ultra offers a generous 18 miles, while the Flyte can be configured to offer either 23 miles, and, with the optional extender pack, 34 miles are achievable.

Pavement or road?

All of our small mobility scooter models are Class 2 scooters. This means they are permanently restricted to 4mph and can only be used on paved areas and must not be used on public highways, apart from when there are extenuating circumstances.

There could be no paved area available like on country or village lanes or alleyways. Other reasonable uses of the highway are circumventing areas where access to the pavement is blocked, or crossing roads.

For many this is more than adequate.

But, for those of you who may wish to travel further, and therefore probably faster, a Class 3 mobility scooter may be a better choice.

Able to travel at up to 8mph fully legally on the road, these scooters feature full lighting packs, great performance and longer ranges. The lights may come in very handy as you venture further afield and as the nights draw in.

Easy storage

A small mobility scooter is an easy scooter to store. There are few spaces more cramped or awkward than a car boot, which is exactly where our Ultra and Flyte are right at home.

Though, with the ability to have their seats removed and their folding tillers, even our larger models will fit in smaller spaces than you would think.

It’s all about you being happy

So, choosing a mobility scooter may have many more possibilities than you were aware of.

Weighing up the advantages of each model may give you a deeper insight in to your scooter requirements, but there is no substitute for trying a mobility scooter, small or large, in the environment in which you will be using it.

A true test of the scooter in the real world, makes it vastly more likely that you will get maximum benefit from it, and, experience the happiness getting your freedom back can bring.

This is why you really should try a scooter before you buy it, and why we offer our free home demonstration and test drive service.

To make sure you have the right scooter for your needs.


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