Choosing an Indoor Mobility Scooter

We are often asked by people “Which indoor mobility scooter is right for me?” and  it is surprising how many day to day tasks could be made much easier for you by the use of a well-designed indoor mobility scooter.

If you have mobility issues simple tasks can present major obstacles. Just getting around in your home may be very difficult.

A good example of how a scooter can make tasks easier would be washing your clothes. You can collect your clothes in to the scooter basket, transport them to your washing machine and load it, our swivelling seats will make this much easier.

Once the washing is done you can let the scooter take the weight of your wet clothes while you transfer them to your drier or clothes line.

This is just one example of how using an indoor mobility scooter can really improve your life.

The ability of the seat to swivel on all but our Flyte model to swivel may be useful in other ways, such as preparing food and cooking. Some of our customers have even come up with other more unusual uses for our scooters in their homes.

“It’s marvellous and it’s making a lot of difference. It is immensely comfortable and sometimes at home I use it as my armchair! It is so much more comfortable than my old scooter.” – Mr Cleaver

Even the largest of our mobility scooters will surprise you with its manoeuvrability and ability to negotiate even the tightest of spaces and turns.

Indoor mobility scooter ideal for use in shops

The leads us to yet another way in which an indoor mobility scooter can really make a difference.

Shopping and tight supermarket aisles.

This is where a scooter will really be put to the test.

Three-wheel scooters will be fine as long as you don’t turn a tight corner too fast and tip over, which is an ever-present issue with this design, particularly as the load increases on the front wheel as you add items to your basket.

Additionally, three-wheel scooters tend to have the basket attached to the tillers. This makes for a higher centre of gravity, increasing the likelihood of your scooter tipping, and making the steering increasingly heavy to use as they are filled.

All of our scooters have the baskets mounted to the chassis, keeping your steering light and responsive at all times.

Four-wheel scooters often struggle with confined areas frequently needing to make multipoint turns, which can lead to you having collisions with shelves, potentially damaging your scooter, hurting yourself or damaging goods. The fact you also may be blocking access for other shoppers and causing frustration will make what should be a pleasurable experience stressful.

“I really enjoy it. The seat is really helpful for my spine. I’ve taken it into my local supermarket and other shops and the turning circle is really amazing. It has given me my life back!” – Mrs Thompson

Our Tri-Wheel steering offers a vastly improved turning circle when compared to any four-wheel scooter while maintaining stability superior to three-wheel scooter designs.

Toura Front Disc Brake RGB

“I like it very much and I’m very happy. I had another scooter before I got my Quingo and I always felt it was very clumsy for getting into shops and other places. My Quingo turns so quickly and getting into shops is now much easier.” – Ms Stewart

So, while all our scooters offer fantastic outdoor performance, the versatility of our five-wheel scooter range means buying a Quingo means you are also getting a perfect indoor mobility scooter.

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