Best value mobility scooters

Best value mobility scooters

With so many available which are the best value mobility scooters?

It would seem obvious that the cheapest scooters would be the best value scooters but this is not always the best guide for making a choice for one of the most important and life changing devices you may buy.

When buying anything it is vital that you not only consider its price, but its true value.

Firstly, like anything you can purchase cheaply it will have been built down a price.

The very nature of this process means everything is cut back to the bare minimum acceptable for that product. This effectively means the quality, reliability and longevity of the item may be severely compromised.

A significant amount of the cost of any product is in the design, research and development of the product. The way in which the product will be used and by whom must be studied in order to create a mobility scooter that is a pleasure to use. In a bid to cut costs these critical processes will be significantly shortened or even not carried out at all in a cheaply made scooter.

At best this can lead to uncomfortable, poorly performing scooters and at worst they can be unreliable or even dangerous.

We see on a regular basis poor designs in rival scooters, even in some cases so called “safety features” that could become extremely dangerous in the wrong situation.

3 wheel scooter is unstable
An example of this is a certain 3 wheeled scooter that claims to be one of the best value mobility scooters on the market.

The design includes 2 rotating but fixed-point castor wheels on either side of the central steering wheel. These would possibly, on a very flat surface, increase stability and reduce the risk of tipping inherent in the 3 wheel design. However, unlike our active Tri-Wheel steering fitted on all Quingos, these castors cannot move vertically.

If you attempt to approach a kerb at anything other than a perfectly straight angle these castors will deflect your scooter along the kerb and may even cause the very tipping they are meant to avoid.

Another major problem with this design is that the castors are very likely to become caught in a pothole and once again cause the tipping threat they supposedly cure.
Another design error is fixed wheels at the back of the scooter.

These are, unlike our Kerbmaster™ self-driven anti tip and anti-beach solution, entirely passive. Though they may prevent the scooter from tipping backwards they can create another problem. When you try to dismount from a pavement at low speed, they can simply cause your scooter to get stuck. This can be extremely dangerous if you are crossing a busy road as the time in which you expected to be able cross has now increased and you have the added risk of having to dismount from the vehicle to un-beach your scooter. There is also the potential for you to be injured by the scooter when it descends and it could also potentially run away from, or even with, you eventually pull it off the kerb.

Kerbmaster™ eliminates beaching and tipping

Additionally, if you attempt to descend a kerb at anything other than a straight angle, one wheel is very likely to get caught on the kerb edge and will, once again, cause the scooter to become unstable or even tip.

These poorly designed best value mobility scooters will most likely have other major flaws that will severely impact your enjoyment of the scooter.

They almost never give any thought to ergonomics.

If you have mobility issues you are also likely to have some degree of pain associated with your condition. It is vital that particular attention to minimising pain and increasing your comfort. Our Quintell™ posture control system means we can provide with best seating position possible.

Many low-cost scooters have seats that are little more than 2 boards and a bit of foam, these are only suitable for the shortest of journeys. Unlike our seats they offer little or no movement back forth or up and down. This means you are likely to experience discomfort, not only from a hard seat, but pain in you hips knees and ankles caused by bad posture.

Quality of service gives you the best value mobility scooters

We believe we offer service second to none.

From the moment you have your free home test drive, to your free delivery, custom scooter set up and our complimentary ROSPA compliant Blue Diamond Driver check, we are with you every step of the way.

This support continues with home servicing and our extremely dedicated customer services team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
So, when you consider all the things we offer, you will probably agree Quingo offers the best value mobility scooters.

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