Kerb climbing

All three and four wheel scooters have to climb a curb head on. Only the Quingo’s 5 wheel system offers the ability to climb and descend kerbs with ease, even at an angle without toppling.

Designed to cope with kerbs at 45°

With a Quingo, when you climb the kerb at 45 degrees, the wheels will lift and drive the other wheels over, ensuring that you go over that kerb, smoothly and safely. This really impresses when approaching a kerb with a narrow pavement. The fact you can ascend the kerb at an angle and then use Quingo’s agile maneuverability you can turn tightly and easily carry on your journey. In addition Quingo’s patented Kerb Master, means that our scooters cannot get beached descending a kerb or off an obstacle, unlike any other mobility scooter. This adds just another level of safety for a Quingo scooter driver.


See how Quingo’s patented 5 wheel system offers vastly improved stability over traditional scooters which is vital when driving across slopes and down hills and when climbing and descending kerbs.

Kerb climbing

See how the Quingo 5 wheel system offers the ability to climb and descend at an angle allowing you to handle kerbs without toppling and with confidence.