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10th May 2022

☀️🧺Perfect Picnic with Quingo🧺☀️

🌼The Must-Have Scooter Accessory This Spring!🌼 With all this warm weather is the perfect opportunity to meet with friends and family for a picnic! Whether you’re going to the local park or around the national… Read more

21st April 2022

The eFOLDi mobility scooter and Quingo Ultra & Flyte Compared

Today we compare the popular eFOLDi mobility scooter with our two portable models, the Ultra and the Flyte. Though we can appreciate the concepts behind the eFOLDi mobility scooter, such as the use of materials… Read more

14th April 2022

Quingo Scooters sending a big thank you to Perry Florist

Quingo scooters would like to thank our friends at Perry Florist of Harpenden for allowing us to use their accessible shop in our latest TV advert. We were able to use the shop to show… Read more

6th April 2022

Cool Mobility Scooter

The idea of a cool mobility scooter seems a bit odd with their stodgy image as being only for the elderly and infirm and the stigma people unjustly attach to this. When people think about… Read more

7th July 2021

The Outdoor Mobility Scooter – What should you look for?

What should you look for in an outdoor mobility scooter? Any one of the models in the five-wheel Quingo range can easily function as a great option for an outdoor mobility scooter and, as you… Read more

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