Superior Manoeuvrability

Quingo mobility scooters have many benefits which open up the possibilities of where you can go. Quingo’s patented 5 wheel design gives our scooters an unrivalled turning circle and allows you to climb up and down kerbs with ease and even at an angle giving you more space to turn on the pavement. This agility really does give you the freedom to go anywhere you want to go.

Designed to cope with kerbs at 45*

Going up and down kerbs can be a daunting prospect when driving a mobility scooter. Quingo’s unique 5-wheel design offers outstanding control climbing and descending. Traditional scooters must go up or down kerbs head on to prevent tipping, however your Quingo can handle 45 degree angles allowing you to even rise onto the narrowest of pavements.

Highly Manoeuvrable

Quingo’s patented 5 wheel system means that they are more manoeuvrable than equivalent length 4 wheel scooters, allowing you to navigate even the smallest spaces. Quingo scooters give you more freedom to go where you want to go.

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Unrivalled Turning Circle

Quingo mobility scooters have a turning circle from as little as 102cm, this means safer and tighter turning in shops and confined spaces. When directly compared to a 4 wheel mobility scooter of comparable length, Quingo scooters not only offer vastly improved manoeuvrability, it means significantly less reversing and fewer 3 point turns are required.