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  • Quingo Mobility Scooters

Quingo Mobility Scooters – the world’s only 5 wheel scooter range

No other scooter offers more stability, more agility, more comfort
The Quingo 5 wheel range offers features and benefits not found with any other mobility scooters. Designed and manufactured by AVC with patented Quintell™ technologies that combine to make you safer, more comfortable and more confident, your scooter will bring freedom and independence back in to your life.
Our unique active Tri-Wheel steering and 5 Wheel Stabilising System allow for a better turning circle, maintaining control on curbs and inclines, while providing up to 80% more foot space than comparable length 4 wheel scooters and far greater stability than a 3 wheel scooter. Kerbmaster™ powered anti-beaching prevents tipping and eliminates beaching.
Full ergonomic posture control provides excellent comfort on all journeys, feet forward adaptive footplates reduce stress for back, hips, knees and ankle joints with precise leg and foot positioning, combined with wide seat and tiller adjustment a healthy and comfortable seating position can be tailored to your individual requirements. If you use a walker, or other mobility aids, you will find the convenience and ease of use of a Quingo liberating.
If you are looking for a folding scooter all of our range dismantle or fold to save space and the Flyte even loads itself in to your car! From 4mph pavement use to 8mph road legal scooters or fully portable, travel friendly to a car replacement we have a model to suit your needs and lifestyle.
Quingo brings you customer service that is second to none and our customer satisfaction ratings speak for themselves.
Explore the range and find out how a Quingo can help change your life.

What people are saying about their Quingo…
Quingo Air 2Quingo Air 2 Mobility Scooter

Mrs Craigen – OldhamI am getting on well with my scooter and I feel very safe on it with its 5 wheels. I had a three wheel scooter before but I felt totally unsafe on it. I wish I had found Quingo sooner! I am really happy to go out on this scooter and it is going to make a big difference for me.

Quingo FlyteQuingo Flyte Mobility Scooter

Mr Sutton – ShiphamThe scooter is fine thank you. In fact I took it with me when I went away to Minehead for the weekend and it was excellent. I certainly generated an audience when it came to unloading and loading the scooter.

Quingo ClassicQuingo Classic Mobility Scooter

Mrs Devlin – GlasgowMy scooter is marvellous it is brilliant it has given me my independence back. I would recommend Quingo to anyone.

Quingo PlusQuingo Plus Mobility Scooter

Mrs Waithe – LiverpoolSince getting my scooter it allows me to get out independently to see my friends. My scooter has made a big difference in my life.

Quingo Vitess 2Quingo Vitess 2 Mobility Scooter

Mr Taylor – SwintonMy scooter is brilliant I’ve done a lot of miles on it already, it’s a lovely machine. Without the scooter I be stuck in the house as I struggle to walk, it has made a big difference in my life. It’s the best scooter I’ve ever had.. as I have had a few.

Quingo Toura 2Quingo Toura 2 Mobility Scooter

Mr Brown – NottinghamIt’s lovely and it’s making a lot of difference. Before I got my scooter I had been stuck indoors for 2 years. Now I can go out whenever I want to. The seat is brilliant. It’s so comfortable and it’s great when it spins round! I tried another make of scooter before I bought my Toura. It was a fold down machine but I couldn’t lift it so it was no good for me. And the seat, compared to mine was blooming awful; so uncomfortable.

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Quingo – exclusively from Forever Active

Forever Active, the UK’s Exclusive distributor of Quingo Personal Mobility Vehicles. We follow the Department for Transport Code of Practice for the supply of Mobility Vehicles and will not provide a scooter until we have seen that a client is suitable to use one through our free, no obligation home test.

Quingo – all the advantages of 5 wheels

Introducing the world’s first true 5 wheel mobility scooters with Quintell Technology. Quingo Scooters combine the balance of a four-wheel scooter with the mobility and agility of a three-wheel scooter with the added benefits of much greater comfort and control as well as greater postural support.

Quingo – customer satisfaction as standard

Commitment to customer satisfaction plays a large part in our continued success and is paramount to us throughout the life of your mobility scooter. Customers are surveyed three months into ownership and again when they receive a service or engineer visit. All this makes for very happy customers.


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