Best Mobility Scooters in the UK

We are confident that the Quingo range are the best mobility scooters in the UK.

Your immediate response to that is probably, “Well you would say that wouldn’t you?”

And a healthy scepticism is perfectly normal and should be applauded.

As the saying goes “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

The onus is on us to explain our self-assurance, and, we hope, once you have heard our argument, you will be impressed by the worldwide patented Quintell™ technologies used in our mobility scooters and the incredible benefits they offer.

We are going to explore just some of the technologies that comprise the Quingo advantage, and, make for probably the best mobility scooters in the UK, if not the world.

The design gurus behind the Quingo five-wheel mobility scooter range rejected the compromises so common in other mobility scooters.

Instead, from the outset, truly innovative solutions had to be conceived to overcome the flaws that plague traditional three and four-wheel designs.

So, the first thing that separates these two designs is the front wheel configuration.

Three wheels offer a great turning circle and plenty of legroom, but, have safety issues due to the instability inherent in this approach.

Four-wheel designs, while solving the stability issue, fall prey to poor legroom and a greatly increased turning radius.

So, AVC thought, “Why not take the best of both and combine them?”

Tri-wheel steering kerb climbing and stability

It was at that point that the Quingo was destined to feature our revolutionary Active Tri-Wheel steering and the five-wheel Quingo was created.

The three-wheel configuration offers at least as much agility as a single front wheel design, in fact in real life use, possibly more, as the fear of the scooter tipping is removed because, quite simply, the technology offers the same sure-footed balance as a four-wheel scooter.

Another clear advantage over a four-wheel design is our scooters offer up to 80% more foot room than any comparable four-wheel scooter.

Quintell™ Ergonomic Posture Control System

When you include the fully adjustable tiller, Adaptive Footplates and fully adjustable seats, you get a scooter that can be custom configured to fit you like a glove. This reduces strain on your whole body and makes for what could well be the most comfortable ride of any mobility scooter available in the UK.

Our scooters are very often described as being akin to one of the most prestigious and highly regarded luxury car brands in the world. These are not claims made by us, so we will let Quingo owners speak for themselves.

“It’s a lot more comfortable than my previous scooter; it’s like a Rolls Royce.” – Mr Bristol

“Oh, it’s wonderful and it’s making a lot of difference! It’s a lovely scooter, very comfortable and I think it’s the Rolls Royce of scooters. Nobody around here has seen one like this before.” – Mrs Gormley

“It’s a very nice piece of equipment and it gives me a lovely comfortable ride which is so important because of my back condition. When I was out the other day a person on a mobility scooter commented that mine was the “Rolls-Royce” of scooters; I did not disagree.” – Mrs J Sweet-Fillis

So, now the agility, stability and comfort challenges had been overcome, the Quintell™ team added a further target to their hit list, kerb handling.

Kerbs are one of the greatest adversaries any scooter will encounter. With the threat of tipping, loss of control of the scooter and beaching being ever present threats.

Our Tri-Wheel steering already was offering fantastic stability and agility and its active, independent front wheels allowed for something unique in any scooter design.

All previous designs needed to approach any kerb straight-on to avoid serious problems.

The Quingo proved, from the outset, to have the remarkable ability to climb, or descend kerbs at up to a 45 degree angle, safely.

Superior Kerb Handling

So, having solved this problem, the team wanted to eliminate another common problem associated with kerbs, that of beaching caused by fixed rear anti-tip wheels.

Tipping over backwards in a well-designed scooter such as our models is extremely rare, in fact our top of the range Toura2 doesn’t require any kind of anti-tip solution.

However, in exceptional circumstances, lighter scooters may start to tip backwards so, it is essential for your safety, that the scooter features anti-tip wheels.

These small wheels, while solving one problem, create another, beaching when dismounting from a kerb.

The team came up with one of those ideas that everyone says “I could have come up with that!”, and yet, no-one had, and we have the patents to prove it!

Using the same principle as gears, with an added twist, the Kerbmaster™ system was invented.

If you dismount from a pavement and your rear main drive wheels are no longer in contact with the ground, the anti-tip wheel is automatically brought into contact with the kerb. This causes the Kerbmaster™ mechanism to arc upwards engaging an intermediary wheel to the drive wheels of the scooter. This middle wheel ensures the wheel in contact with the kerb turns in the same direction as your drive wheels and drives you off the kerb.


Combined with a wide variety of carefully thought out accessories and configuration options, the Quingo range has always been focused on you getting the most from your scooter.

No other scooter can offer you any of these innovations, or amount of adaptability, and we believe, being aware of all this, we will have convinced you to undertake one of our free home demonstrations and test drives, and, once you have tried one for yourself, you will truly understand what makes the Quingo range stand apart from the crowd.

“I am getting along nicely with my scooter. I am enjoying it because it has opened up my closed world. Before I bought my Quingo, I did enquire about a scooter from another company but I have to say that they were no comparison to you. I would certainly recommend your company.” – Mrs Mouat

We are certain you will also agree that the agility, stability, safety and comfort offered by our Quingos mean they are the best mobility scooters in the UK.

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