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30th March 2022

The Portable Scooter You Don’t Have To Lift 🚗

For the first time ever, the Quingo Flyte offers big scooter performance and the Quingo 5 wheel advantage without heavy lifting or dismantling and assembly. Our pioneering, self-loading Quingo Flyte is the perfect mobility scooter… Read more

28th March 2022

A Quingo Test Drive, What should you expect?

At Quingo we always encourage our customers to book a test drive before purchasing a scooter, this will help you to decide which scooter is the most suitable for you and your needs. We also… Read more

25th March 2022

Custom Mobility Scooter

When you think about a custom mobility scooter you may be visualizing something along the lines of the custom cars you may have seen on TV but the reality is much more prosaic. A custom… Read more

23rd March 2022

Road Legal Mobility Scooters 🛣

Road legal mobility scooters are the class 3, 8mph capable scooter models. These are distinct from class 2, pavement only use scooters. Our range includes three class 3, 8 mph capable, road legal mobility scooters…. Read more

21st March 2022

Modern mobility scooters- We’ve come a long way

Modern mobility scooters have come a long way from their early roots. The concept of personal mobility goes back much further than you may think, in fact, the first personal mobility device dates to the… Read more

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