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What our customers say about their Quingo scooters

All 5 wheel Quingos come with safety as standard. The unique 5 wheel stability system on all Quingos provide the excellent posture and driving position of a 3 wheeler with the stability and safer cornering dynamics of a 4 wheeler.

Before I got my scooter I had been stuck indoors for 2 years. Now I can go out whenever I want to

It’s ideal for me to get out and about to do my shopping. Although I’ve got family here, it’s nice to be able to go out and do my own thing.

Quingo Plus

It’s really given me my independence back

It’s brilliant and lovely and comfortable. I can’t walk and before I got the scooter I could only go out once a fortnight in my wheelchair if I could hire a cab. Now I can come and go whenever I please. It’s great..

Quingo Ultra

What our customers say about their Quingo scooters

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