Your safety is our priority. We are constantly innovating new ways to make Quingo drivers confident to go where they want to go. Quingo’s patented Kerbmaster system prevents beaching when descending a kerb or an obstacle, providing an additional level of safety over traditional mobility scooters. Our energy absorbing bumper absorbs the energy of unwanted bumps reducing the impact and potential damage.

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Adopting a healthy posture is a critical element when selecting any mobility vehicle. Quingo is the only scooter range that offers adaptive footplates and full ergonomic posture control providing superior comfort even on longer journeys. This means less stress for back, hips, knees and ankle joints with its precise leg and foot positioning. Quingo mobility scooters have 80% more foot space than an equivalent length 4 wheel mobility scooter which will give the best possible anatomical driving position. If it is a comfortable drive you will enjoy using your Quingo regularly and for all sorts of trips.

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Quingo’s patented 5-wheel system provides an unrivalled turning circle when compared to similar length 4-wheel scooters. This means safer and tighter turning which allows the user to easily navigate even the smallest of spaces bringing a new freedom when using a scooter around the home, around shops or on a narrow pavement. Less reversing and fewer 3 point turns make using your Quingo an enjoyable and confident experience.

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Quingo’s patented 5-wheel Anti-Tip Technology™ offers vastly improved stability which is vital when driving across slopes and down hills and when climbing and descending kerbs. Because of this enhanced design feature, a Quingo uses far less space when turning or circling, all without the fear of tipping. This unique design also offers outstanding control on inclines and bumps, climbing and descending at angles with ease. Even in extreme situations Quingo’s active tri-wheel steering easily navigates and stabilises your scooter on uneven gradients smoothly and safely.

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Safer Kerb climbing

Kerbs are an unavoidable obstacle for anyone using a mobility scooter. Many mobility scooters handle kerbs when approaching head on, but only Quingo scooters are also designed to cope with kerbs at an angle, a surprisingly common situation on many of Britain’s pavements. Additionally Kerbmaster™ the world’s first and only anti-grounding and anti-tipping device auto-activates on higher kerbs to safely enable your Quingo to descend to road level, a situation where traditional scooters can become lodged on their own anti-tip wheels.

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