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17th August 2022

5 reasons you should book a Quingo test drive

Buying a scooter is a big step so it’s understandable that some people need more time and information before booking a test drive. Here are the 5 reasons why booking Quingo’s FREE, no obligation test… Read more

12th July 2022

Connect On Holiday

Can You Take A Quingo Scooter On Holiday? Do Your Research Before Booking! If you own a Quingo ultra or connect, we are guessing it is one of your most prized possessions, and if you’re… Read more

28th June 2022

Road Safety On A Quingo

 How To Be Safe Using The Road and Pavements On a Quingo Scooter It is of utmost importance to be safe when using a mobility scooter to ensure the rider and scooter are kept unharmed…. Read more

21st April 2022

The eFOLDi mobility scooter and Quingo Ultra & Flyte Compared

Today we compare the popular eFOLDi mobility scooter with our two portable models, the Ultra and the Flyte. Though we can appreciate the concepts behind the eFOLDi mobility scooter, such as the use of materials… Read more

16th March 2022

How Long Do Mobility Scooters Last?

Many of you may be asking yourselves “how long do mobility scooters last?” There are a great number of factors that come into play when trying to answer this question. First and foremost, you need… Read more

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