The Best Portable Mobility Scooter

For the title of best portable mobility scooter, we believe we have an extremely strong pair of competitors, the Flyte and the Ultra.

AVC, rather than just designing one solution to the car boot, decided to take a two pronged approach to designing the best portable mobility scooter possible.

They quite simply decided to create two models with very distinct characteristics.

The Ultra was conceived on the premise that a compact, lightweight scooter was very desirable. It should additionally offer a lower cost and offer superb value. It builds on and refines the innovations that made the Air and Air2 models that preceded it so successful.

The obvious choice for weight reduction while maintaining rigidity was to utilize aluminium for the chassis which is complimented by lightweight ABS for the bodywork.

The Ultra as a take-apart, portable mobility scooter, breaks down in to easy to handle and lift components.

The batteries can be charged either via the charging port on the scooter itself or you can use the remote charging box to charge them anywhere you choose and, being as the Ultra can be run with two batteries (with a lower range), this means you can have two batteries on charge whilst you use your scooter.

Talking of charging, with our greater reliance on our mobile phones, the Ultra has a very handy feature, a USB charging port and area for storing your phone on the scooter tiller so it is easily to hand and you can see any incoming calls and messages.

One of the best of our very portable Ultra mobility scooter

“Everything is fine. The scooter comes apart easily and fits nicely in my car which is what I wanted. It is lovely to be able to go out again with my family.” – Mr Horn


The Flyte may not even strictly be a portable mobility scooter as it has the best trick going for it,  quite simply it loads itself.

“I’m very pleased with my Flyte and together with the docking station, it’s an amazing piece of kit. It certainly attracts a lot of interest.” – Mr Stewart

The thing many of you will find most attractive about loading and unloading the Flyte is there is absolutely no heavy lifting involved in the process. Meaning it might be best described as a transportable rather than a portable mobility scooter!

“I am thrilled to bits with my Flyte. It is making such a change to my life and has given me back my independence. It’s absolutely fabulous! I will recommend you to everyone.” – Mrs Naish

Many of you will think that by its very nature the best a portable mobility scooter can offer is a cramped, uncomfortable ride and for most four wheeled models you would be correct in that assumption.

However, there is a reason we feel we make the best portable mobility scooter!

four wheel mobility scooters can be cramped and uncomfortable


As with all our mobility scooter range you will benefit from our worldwide patented Quintell™ Technologies.

Our five-wheel design means that you get up to 80% more foot space than an equivalent four-wheel scooter and when this is combined with our adaptive footplates, fully adjustable seats and tillers it all makes for fantastic comfort. Plus you get the unrivalled agility, stability and safety only a Quingo can boast.

“I am getting on well with the Flyte which is very stable.” – Mr Savage

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