The Outdoor Mobility Scooter – What should you look for?

What should you look for in an outdoor mobility scooter? Any one of the models in the five-wheel Quingo range can easily function as a great option for an outdoor mobility scooter and, as you go up the model range, each one comes with more and more features.

So, what should you expect an outdoor mobility scooter to be capable of?

It is surprising the range of activities those who do not have a disability take for granted and the difference a scooter can make for so many is under rated.

“It’s absolutely fantastic. The scooter is making such a difference to the both of us as it is giving us more independence. And we can get to the doctor without having to use taxis every time.” – Mrs Hart

A well designed, outdoor capable mobility scooter, can open up your life in so many ways and will help you regain your independence.

An outdoor mobility scooter can make day to day tasks easy

Be it being able to just pop to the shops, a market, the doctors or any one of a number of things you may need to do, an outdoor capable mobility scooter can make it easy and cut out undue expense and organisation that can drain the pleasure from your planned excursion.

It can also mean that you will no longer have to rely on others to get about so, when you do see them, it is more about improving and enjoying your social life.

Shopping at an outdoor market using a mobility scooter

“My scooter is absolutely marvellous and it has changed my life! Before I got it, I had been mainly stuck indoors for 11 years; now I can get to my local Retail Park and do my shopping at the Supermarket and occasionally treat myself to a meal at McDonalds.” – Ms Robinson

Long range for your mobility scooter is an outdoor must!

The very fact that your mobility scooter will be used in an outdoor setting means effectively you will be travelling greater distances so you are going to want a decent travel capacity to make sure you don’t get stranded.

We offer a wide choice of potential mileages and scooter sizes in our mobility scooter range.

The smallest is our Ultra car boot scooter which offers a range of 10 miles or 16km with two batteries installed and with the full compliment of four will take you up to 18 miles or 29km.This is of course boosted even further by the fact you take it in your car. The same is true of our self-loading Flyte mobility scooter.

See the outdoor sights from the comfort and safety of a Quingo mobility scooter

If you really want the ultimate outdoor mobility scooter then you need to experience the Toura2 with its huge range of up to 55 miles or 88km which really have you going further and doing more.

“I’m very happy with my purchase which has made a huge difference. I’ve been to my supermarket and church and I’ve been to places I’ve never been to before due to my disability.” – Mr Harcourt

Things that used to seem unreachable or unattainable will suddenly become easily accessible and, as a result, much more enjoyable.


These greater distances you will undertake on your outdoor mobility scooter mean you will need to be comfortable.

With our Quintell™ Posture Control System which offers an ergonomic driving position and up to 80% more foot room than an equivalent four wheel scooters those longer journeys will leave you refreshed.

“It’s brilliant and lovely and comfortable. I can’t walk and before I got the scooter I could only go out once a fortnight in my wheelchair if I could hire a cab. Now I can come and go whenever I please. It’s great.” – Mrs Banks

Kerb Handling

If you are going anywhere outdoors you are going to encounter the downfall of many mobility scooters, kerbs.

Our Quintell™ Tri-Wheel steering and KerbMaster™ anti-tip and anti-beach solution take on kerbs with no trouble at all, and unlike any other scooter they allow this to be done at up to a forty-five degree angle.

Our five-wheel design also offers stellar performance on rough ground, which is essential to an outdoor mobility scooter, so uneven pavements and potholes in roads are easily overcome.


The final part of the Quingo Advantage is the agility the design allows. You don’t want to end up going the long way round because your scooter is too unwieldly to negotiate some common obstacle.

“I have had 4 scooters before I found Quingo and none of my other scooters were able to pass through a barrier system near my home. To my surprise and joy, my Quingo gets through the barrier.” – Mr Deakin

Furthermore, when you arrive at your destination a highly manoeuvrable vehicle so you can easily negotiate any tight turns required such as in supermarket aisles passageways and corridors or older buildings like pubs or restaurants.

What you need in an outdoor mobility scooter is a rugged, dependable design that is flexible enough to meet your every need and there is Quingo to do just that.

The smile an outdoor mobility scooter can give



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