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12th July 2021

A hoist for lifting a mobility scooter in to a car

We are often asked about a hoist for lifting a mobility scooter in to a car. Though they seem the ideal solution you may be want to consider the potential drawbacks. We think our portable… Read more

The Best Portable Mobility Scooter

For the title of best portable mobility scooter, we believe we have an extremely strong pair of competitors, the Flyte and the Ultra. AVC, rather than just designing one solution to the car boot, decided… Read more

The Best Indoor Mobility Scooter

What exactly makes the best indoor mobility scooter? Well firstly a mobility scooter will need to be compact to be used indoors. Many only think of room size in terms of the overall dimensions of… Read more

The best car boot mobility scooter – Flyte or Ultra?

The are many opinions as to which is the best car boot mobility scooter. Having been in the mobility business for 3 generations the family behind Quingo have seen designs come and go. Some remain… Read more

How fast are mobility scooters?

The question “How fast are mobility scooters?” often comes up. The limits of how fast a mobility scooter can be is restricted only by battery and motor power in theory. In practice though, in the… Read more

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