The Best Indoor Mobility Scooter

What exactly makes the best indoor mobility scooter?

Well firstly a mobility scooter will need to be compact to be used indoors. Many only think of room size in terms of the overall dimensions of any given room but, once you factor in the furniture in that space, and other people who may be in it, the available space is substantially reduced.

“I am surprised how quickly it turns; it’s marvellous! And it is so comfortable too; I am really pleased.” – Mrs Lee

The best indoor mobility scooter needs a tight turning circle to get around in confined spaces as, being forced to undertake multi-point turns, is likely to cause damage to your valuables. This is particularly an issue with four-wheel mobility scooter designs when used in indoor environments.

“It’s more manoeuvrable than my previous scooters. It makes life easier.” – Mr Straw

The same is true for other confined, indoor spaces like shops, pubs and restaurants. Many of these are located in older buildings that have narrow corridors, small doors and rooms but, as you will know, even supermarkets and particularly local convenience stores are often quite badly cramped.

The best indoor mobility scooter is compact

The last thing you want to do is knock into another guest so, your best bet is a mobility scooter that features outstanding manoeuvrability and intuitive controls suited to indoor use.

“I can get to the pub and enjoy a pint with my friends and even the landlord has had a go on the scooter. They all love the tight turning circle. The only downside I have found is that my wife now makes me go to the shops twice a week! The scooter is absolutely grand.” – Mr Dawson

So, could a three wheel mobility scooter be the best type for indoor use?

Though they are manoeuvrable, they also lack stability so, if you make a tight turn too fast, they can tip over, particularly if you have a fully loaded basket and therefore a higher centre of gravity.

This is where the five-wheel Quingo mobility scooter comes into its own. Featuring our worldwide patented Quintell™ Technologies that make even our largest scooters supremely agile.

A customer who wanted to be sure he got the best indoor mobility scooter

Our Tri-Wheel Steering gives the stability that is lacking in a three-wheel mobility scooter while offering vastly improved ability to turn over a four wheel configuration.

Surprisingly, it would seem very little attention is paid to best practice in ergonomics in the design of other mobility scooters which, when you consider they are intended for use by people with varying disabilities, with the often associated pain these can bring, seems like a huge oversight.

For us there is little to no point in having an indoor mobility scooter that doesn’t offer you the very best in comfort and the Quintell™ Posture Control System assures plenty of that.

Our five-wheel design takes a holistic approach to optimising your posture. With up to 80% more space for your feet available, our feet forward design is further enhanced by some unique features.

Our Adaptive Footplates can be adjusted in all planes to ensure your ankles, knees and hips are under considerably reduced strain. Add in our fully adjustable seats and you are sitting in the lap of luxury!

Our full adjustable tillers can also be positioned in a manner that greatly improves not only your comfort but the level of control allowed makes it much safer.

“I’m happy with my scooter. It’s very comfortable and manoeuvrable.” – Mrs Cox

We think a Quingo can be argued to be the best indoor mobility scooter by far whilst also offering great outdoor performance.

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