Quingo Blog

5th July 2021

Looking for the Most Comfortable Mobility Scooter?

The most comfortable mobility scooter In testing carried out by Davis Associates, one of the UK’s leading human factors consultancies, Quingo’s were found to be the most comfortable mobility scooter on the market when compared… Read more

Should You Buy a Collapsible Mobility Scooter?

There is a fashion for people wanting to own a collapsible mobility scooter at this time. Though on the face of it these folding mobility scooters seem like a good idea with their ability to… Read more

A Truly Compact Mobility Scooter

Due to space restrictions many of you will require a compact mobility scooter. The Quingo range offers a wide variety of models to meet the needs of each and every owner. We offer two models… Read more

Choosing an Indoor Mobility Scooter

We are often asked by people “Which indoor mobility scooter is right for me?” and  it is surprising how many day to day tasks could be made much easier for you by the use of… Read more

12 mph Mobility Scooter – Legal or Not?

12 mph Mobility Scooter – You and the Law We are often asked “Why can I buy, but not use a 12 mph mobility scooter in the United Kingdom?”. The simple fact is they are… Read more

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