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20th July 2021

The heavy duty electric mobility scooter

When you want to go further and do more, or even get off the beaten track, you may require a heavy-duty electric mobility scooter. In this article we assess what you should expect from this… Read more

Buying a mobility scooter – the ins and outs

When you are thinking about buying a mobility scooter there are many things you should consider. The choices you make when buying a mobility scooter will have long term effects on your life and wellbeing… Read more

16th July 2021

Should mobility scooters be on the pavement?

People often ask “Should mobility scooters be on the pavement?” The answer is that all mobility scooters are perfectly entitled to use the pavement, but only as long as they remain within the laws surrounding… Read more

The Large Mobility Scooter

When buying yourself a large mobility scooter we think you should take a close look at our Vitess2 and Toura2 mobility scooters and the fantastic benefits they offer. When you are looking for a large… Read more

15th July 2021

What is a class 2 mobility scooter?

Just what is a class 2 mobility scooter? The answer to what makes a mobility scooter a class 2 is dependent on a number of factors and they must meet or exceed certain requirements as… Read more

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