A Truly Compact Mobility Scooter

Due to space restrictions many of you will require a compact mobility scooter.

The Quingo range offers a wide variety of models to meet the needs of each and every owner. We offer two models for easy transport in cars, and any scooter that has to fit in the limited capacity of a car boot has to be, by its very nature, a compact mobility scooter.

The most compact mobility scooter in our range is the Ultra.

The Ultra compact mobility scooter in a car boot

Designed to be taken apart and transported in almost any car boot means the Ultra has a small footprint and, being as it can be dismantled, it is also be able to take advantage of more spaces that a traditional or even a folding travel scooter.

The other advantage of having a take-apart, compact mobility scooter is you never have to lift the entire scooter, something that many people may overlook.

With a compact, take-apart mobility scooter the components can be stronger, while remaining lightweight and easier to lift. Additionally, as the individual components are smaller, it makes them simpler to store as well as being significantly less bulky, which once again makes lifting easier.

Folding scooters, due to the design compromises that are needed to made to make them fold, have lower carrying capacities and are often not as stable as users would like.

Additionally, you have to lift the entire scooter’s weight and they tend to be quite bulky. The more compact and lighter models suffer from a compromise in the available range.

Another compact mobility scooter we offer is the Flyte which fits in the back of almost every hatchback or SUV on the market.

By its very nature the Flyte is very compact so it can be stored in very tight spaces when not in a vehicle. It also eliminates any heavy lifting on your part by self-loading and unloading in to the car, in under 60 seconds, at the touch of a single button.

Both being  compact mobility scooters the Ultra and Flyte are ideal for use indoors or out.

Quingo Flyte compact mobility scooter makes shopping easy

One of the most underestimated features of a compact mobility scooter is the vast improvement in the turning circle available. This is not the only factor involved in the superb agility offered by all our scooters is our unique Tri-Wheel steering. This ingenious design gives outstanding stability while retaining the ability to negotiate even the tightest of spaces. This makes them ideal for use in places like your home and aisles in shops. Both models offer storage baskets for any shopping but the Flyte can be configured with two baskets for those bigger shops.

“I love it; my scooter has made such a difference to my life. It goes further than the last scooter I had and I can get all the shopping I need into the basket. It’s great.” – Mrs Silk

The baskets are another way in which our scooters offer superior handling. By mounting them on the scooter chassis the steering I carries no load making our scooters easier, and lighter, when turning. This makes for greater comfort and ease of use for you.

Despite being compact mobility scooters both models give you great range with up to 18 miles in the Ultra while the Flyte offers 24 miles and even 34 miles when you add the optional Range Extender Pack. This, coupled with the ability to take them anywhere in your car, unload them, use them to get around, then load them back up and drive back the possibilities are nearly limitless for your independence.

As well as offering you the versatility of a compact mobility scooter our Ultra and Flyte models offer outstanding handling, exceptional safety and sumptuous comfort all in an easily portable package.

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