Buying a mobility scooter – the ins and outs

When you are thinking about buying a mobility scooter there are many things you should consider.

The choices you make when buying a mobility scooter will have long term effects on your life and wellbeing so, it is vital that you make the correct evaluation of what is important to you.

Many people will only consider price and pick the cheapest deal when buying a mobility scooter.

We would like to discuss just why this may be a substantial error, and why you should look at the value offered by mobility scooters, after all you only get what you pay for!

The cheaper the scooter the lower the quality of construction of the scooter.

Then you have to consider your experience and the ease of getting access to a mobility scooter.

If you are thinking of buying a mobility scooter you will have a condition that makes travelling any distance either uncomfortable or even impossible.

So, a trip to a mobility centre could become a major, and quite daunting undertaking.

When you call our dedicated team at Quingo on 0808 100 6570 your stress-free journey to owning a mobility scooter begins.

We will discuss your needs and then arrange a totally cost free and obligation free demonstration and test drive of our 5 wheel mobility scooter range that benefits from our worldwide patented Quintell™ technologies.

This is carried out at your home so there is no need for you to make possibly complicated and costly travel arrangements.

One of our highly trained advisors will firstly go through your wants and needs and, during this process, they will be able to help you to select which scooters from the five-wheel Quingo range will be best suited to you.

Buying a mobility scooter couldn't be easier or more pleasant

However, this process doesn’t stop there. You will then be able to try the models identified by the advisor as being particularly suited to you, and indeed any other model in the range that you feel you would like to try. You even can try all of them if that is your preference.

The crucial thing about this test drive is you will be driving the mobility scooter for yourself in the environment it will be used, for the tasks you will require it to fulfil.


Our advisors are there to make sure that you get the right scooter for your lifestyle requirements so this test drive can be as long as you feel you need. In fact, many of our customers have taken our scooters out to do things like a daily shop!

Our advisor will also make sure that you have a suitable storage and charging area for your scooter.

At the end of your test drive we feel very confident that you will be wanting to have a Quingo for yourself and our advisor will talk you through various options. These include buying the scooter outright, our flexible finance option or, if it suits you better, our contract hire gives you a high value, fully inclusive package providing:

  • A brand new 5-wheel Quingo
  • Service, maintenance & all repairs, including any call outs.
  • A comprehensive insurance package with features including:
    • – Accidental damage cover,
    • – Fire & flood damage cover,
    • – Loss or damage from theft,
    • – No excess,
    • – Public liability cover of up to £2 million,
    • – Personal injury benefit up to £2000
    • – Cover for expenses to get you home following an accident
  • Fast roadside recovery 24/7/365 days a year
  • Tyre and battery cover (up to 2 sets)
  • A fixed monthly cost that will never increase during your hire period.
  • Best of all you get the peace of mind that having a safe, stable and comfortable scooter with a fixed cost brings!

Once you have ordered your scooter our service continues to offer you yet more value in our totally free delivery and bespoke setup service.

One of our highly trained engineers will deliver your scooter to you, set it up to give you optimal comfort and make sure you are fully informed of all aspects of using and maintaining your scooter such as charging.

They will then take you for a test drive during which you will undergo our ROSPA compliant Blue Diamond Driver Check.

This ensures that you know how to handle the vehicle in complete safety.

We also think you will find our aftercare service a pleasure to deal with, keeping your Quingo in tip-top shape.

We believe wholeheartedly that the products and service we offer you when buying a mobility scooter is second to none.

We also know you will appreciate the considerable benefits of stability, agility, safety and comfort that are the Quingo Advantage.

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