The heavy duty electric mobility scooter

When you want to go further and do more, or even get off the beaten track, you may require a heavy-duty electric mobility scooter.

In this article we assess what you should expect from this type of scooter and explore some alternatives that may surprise you with their abilities.

When you talk about a heavy-duty electric mobility scooter the obvious choice in the Quingo range is the extremely capable Toura2.

The Toura2 heavy duty electric mobility scooter

The Toura2 is our range topping mobility scooter and really does live up to the description “heavy-duty”.

The Toura2 is capable of taking you up to 55 miles on one charge so, it can effectively replace a car for almost any journey you may undertake in your day to day life.


It boasts a maximum weight limit of 35 stone or 220kg if carrying capacity is the main factor in your choice.

The Toura2 also features two 100ah batteries coupled to an exceptionally potent 650w motor that is perfect getting you around in hilly terrain or on poor surfaces. You can use it with confidence on footpaths and even on grass or mud, opening up your horizons considerably.

One time of the year when you will really appreciate the sure-footed stability offered by our Quintell™ 5-Wheel Stabilising System is in winter when wet leaves, snow and even ice could make walking quite dangerous. In all but the very worst of conditions your Quingo will keep you safe and secure when you venture out.

The Toura2 heavy duty electric mobility scooter in snow

This stability carries through to a feature that is absolutely unique to Quingos, our kerb handling prowess. All of our scooters have the ability to climb kerbs at up to a 45-degree angle, in complete safety, and this makes finding a place to cross roads both easier and safer.

But it isn’t just the range of conditions that the Toura2 can deal with, in not inconsiderable style, that makes it possibly our most accomplished heavy-duty electric mobility scooter.


Like all of our mobility scooter range the Toura2 offers our Quintell™ Posture Control System that redefines the comfort on offer in the personal mobility world.

The five-wheel design offers up to 80% extra room for your feet, when compared to an equivalent 4-wheel scooter, which, working with our Adaptive Floating Footplates fully adjustable seats and tillers, adds up to huge comfort benefits by relieving pressure on your ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders and neck.

While your main reason for wanting a heavy-duty electric mobility scooter may be its ability to tackle rougher ground that may not necessarily be the case.

Some of you will only really be concerned with the extra range a heavy-duty electric mobility scooter can grant you.

If this is the case the Quingo range may tempt you with a brace of entirely different solutions that offer a completely different approach to increasing just how far you can go.

If you still own a car, you may find a portable scooter could address your needs much better.

The first model up for your consideration is the lightweight, take-apart, car boot Ultra.

With its aluminium chassis and stylish ABS bodywork the Ultra. is very easily to lift in to the boots of all but the smallest of cars.

You can then drive to your chosen venue, lift the scooter out, reassemble it, go about your business (with a range of up to 18 miles or 29 km you will get around most places) and then pop it back in to the car for the return journey.

If the idea of lifting is not your cup of tea then we can offer you perhaps the most unique of our scooters, the self-loading Flyte.

With no heavy lifting on your part you can load and unload the Flyte from the boot of most hatchbacks and SUVs. Once the ramp is down you just touch one of two buttons and you scooter does it all for you! The Flyte provides a range of up to 34 miles or 54km.

So, when you are considering a heavy-duty electric mobility scooter, we think the Toura2 is hard to beat, but, it is worth weighing up the alternatives we can offer you as well.

Why not find out which model covers your wants and needs best with a free test drive?

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