The Large Mobility Scooter

When buying yourself a large mobility scooter we think you should take a close look at our Vitess2 and Toura2 mobility scooters and the fantastic benefits they offer.

When you are looking for a large mobility scooter there are some key characteristics you should expect from your chosen model.

One of the first requirements of a large mobility scooter is that it needs to be powerful. You may require this extra power for a variety of reasons.

You may live in a hilly or remote area and not have access to a car, so, a large mobility scooter, such as our car replacement models, the Vitess2 and Toura2 will be  likely to be the perfect solution for your mobility requirements.

Those of us who have greater weight will be aware that both range and general ability to tackle day to day tasks are significant factors in your scooter’s capabilities. A large mobility scooter offers a more powerful motor and larger battery capacity, which will maintain a good range and, due to a more robust construction, a far greater weight carrying capacity.

There are other reasons you may find the extra room afforded by a large mobility scooter essential.

If  you are very tall smaller mobility scooters can be quite cramped and may even become very uncomfortable on longer journeys.

Our Toura2 is a very large and capable scooter and offers fantastic comfort to even the largest among us. With its twin 100Ah batteries, 650 watt motor and 220kg/35 stone weight limit it can carry you up to 55 miles between charges.

Vitess2 a large but surprisingly agile mobility scooter

The Vitess2 is slightly smaller than the Toura2 and may be better suited to those of a smaller stature and yet, it still offers very high specifications. Two 50Ah batteries give a range of up to 30 miles, a powerful 400 watt motor offers ample power for almost anything you will want to use it for and, with a 182kg/28.6 stone weight limit, it should be ample for almost all of us.

A large mobility scooter will, by its very nature, be able to tackle rougher ground than a small one. Larger wheels and more powerful motors make them much more capable off road.

So, when you are choosing a large mobility scooter, why should you choose a Quingo?

Only the 5 wheel Quingo range of scooters get the advantage of our worldwide patented Quintell™ Technologies.

Our Active Tri-Wheel Steering makes sure you are getting unrivalled stability on even rough surfaces and you will gain the unique ability to climb kerbs at up to a forty-five degree angle.

While a larger scooter will offer greater comfort by its very nature, our Quintell™Posture Control System enhances your comfort by a significant amount.

Our 5 wheel design gives you up to 80% more foot room than an equivalent four-wheel scooter, and, our Adaptive Floating Footplates ensure the optimal angle for your ankles, knees and hips. Add in the fully adjustable seats and tillers and you will enjoy comfort you will be hard pressed to find in any other scooter.

In general, a large mobility scooter, such as our Toura2 and Vitess2, will be a class 3 scooter.

The law states that a class3 mobility scooter is road legal, it will be capable of travelling at up to 8mph on the highways and must feature a manual limiter so it can be restricted to 4mph for use in pedestrianised areas.

You cannot drive on bus lanes, ‘cycle only’ lanes or motorways.

You must fit and use an amber flashing light for visibility if you use a class 3 invalid carriage on a dual carriageway. Avoid using dual carriageways with a speed limit of over 50mph where possible.

Your class 3 mobility scooter must have an effective braking system, include front and rear lights and reflectors, direction indicators that are able to operate as hazard warning signals, a clear horn and have at least one rear view mirror.

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