Why A Home Visit Is Better Than A Mobility Showroom…

At first glance, a visit to a local mobility showroom may seem the best way to choose a new scooter. After all, surely in a showroom there will be a wide choice and there will be scooters to fit all wants and needs? But here are 6 reasons we disagree with going to a showroom rather than booking a Quingo test drive at your home.

home visit versus showroom

1. In our opinion, the mobility scooter showroom will be a small affair with a few scooters, the choice of which will be even more limited if other mobility aids are also being offered. If other aids are on offer this also means the shop is not just specialising as a mobility scooter showroom meaning their depth of knowledge and advice on offer will be limited.  


So, what makes Quingo different? Well, quite simply, we bring the mobility scooter showroom to you!

we bring the mobility scooter showroom to you

2. It is our aim to make your journey to owning the perfect mobility scooter for you as easy and trouble-free as it can possibly be. From the moment you contact us, our team will dedicate all the time you need and deserve to find the right scooter for you. Our highly trained mobility advisor will come to your home, fully assess your needs in a professional manner, and then recommend the scooters they think will best suit your needs, however, you are always welcome to try any or all of the scooter range. All Quingo staff have extensive knowledge about all the features of our mobility scooters and accessories. However, at a showroom you cannot guarantee that the staff will have enough knowledge to know which scooter is best for you and your needs.

book your fee, no obligation test drive today

3. Once you have met with our advisors, you will be assessed with our Blue Diamond Driver Check (ROSPA compliant) to ensure you can safely use the scooter. All of this is a complementary part of the service we offer you. This is often not offered to you if you bought a scooter from a showroom.
You will then have the opportunity to test the scooters in the environment in which you will be using the scooter. There is no time limit to how long you can test the scooter and we will even encourage you to take it on a few short excursions. Furthermore, when trying any of our portable models, we will ensure that they not only fit in any vehicle that you intend to transport them in, but also that you can get the scooter into it. None of these personalised options are offered from the majority of showrooms.

4. The advisor will also make sure that you have a suitable area to store and charge your scooter, something that a mobility scooter showroom cannot offer. At Quingo we also offer scooter storage including a scooter garage and a scooter storage cover.

feel confident and safe using all features of your quingo scooter

5. When you choose a Quingo, once again, there is no need for you to visit the mobility scooter showroom again to pick it up. We deliver the scooter to your home, completely free of charge. Our trained specialists will then set it up to fit you correctly ensuring maximum comfort and once again you will be given a test drive to make sure everything is perfect for you. We will take time to make sure that you are confident and feel safe using the scooter. You will also be given full tuition in the day-to-day care and maintenance of your scooter.

6. Another reason to have a home demonstration rather than a showroom is that no other distributor can sell you a brand new, one of a kind, 5-wheel Quingo with its stability, agility and safety enhancements that only our worldwide patented Quintell technologies can offer!

So who needs to visit a mobility scooter showroom when you can have one visit you at home?

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