5 reasons you should book a Quingo test drive

5 reasons to book a quingo test drive

Buying a scooter is a big step so it’s understandable that some people need more time and information before booking a test drive.

Here are the 5 reasons why booking Quingo’s FREE, no obligation test drive will help you make your decision. 

1. At Quingo, we always encourage our customers to book a test drive before purchasing one of our scooters. This is because trying the scooters not only helps you appreciate how great they are, but will also aid in your decision of which scooter is the most suitable for you and your needs. We also like to display all the benefits our scooters have to offer, and a test drive allows us to show off the scooter to its full potential, in your local area.

At Quingo we help customers find their perfect scooter.

2. A second opinion, when one of our highly knowledgeable mobility advisors will arrive at your home and have a discussion with you about what your mobility needs are and what your budget may be, and then be able to suggest which scooters would be suitable to you. However, if you would like to try all of the scooters in our range then you can!


3. During your test drive, our mobility advisor will assess your driving and check you are safe to drive a scooter. This is what we call our Blue Diamond Driver Check. We carry out this highly important step so that you feel experienced and confident with your scooter before you have even bought it. 

blue diamond driver check

4. If you are feeling confident on your test drive and really want to test all the features of a Quingo Scooter, then you can go for a test drive around your local area, since this is where you will be using your scooter the most. We actively encourage you to take as long as you want, to really be sure the scooter is right for you, supports your needs and suits the environment you live in. 

test drive in your local area

5. One final benefit is that you don’t have to make a decision on the day! We pride ourselves on having a friendly team that is there to support your decision, not push you into something you are not ready for.
However, if you wish to proceed, payment can be taken or finance/contract hire can be discussed and arranged. You could then be driving away in your own Quingo Scooter in the following few days!

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