Should I buy a Powerchair or a Mobility Scooter?

Find Out Which Mobility Aid Would Fit Your Lifestyle The Best…

mobility scooter versus powerchair, which is the one for you?

When purchasing a mobility scooter you want it to slot into your life and make changes for the better, rather than having to accommodate your life and plans around the scooter. Quingo Scooters are the perfect choice and they are there to aid you. But, here comes the tough decision, should you purchase a powerchair or a scooter? Both have a wide range of benefits, but all that matters is which one suits you most…

Driving ability 

driving ability

You may assume that the overall driving ability is similar for both mobility scooters and powerchairs, but they can be drastically different. When wanting to use a mobility aid in an indoor area or a more confined space, a powerchair could be more suitable due to its tight turning circle that can be controlled via a joystick. Whereas in outdoor areas, with uneven terrain over a longer distance, a mobility scooter would be more ideal. At Quingo we have the Connect Powerchair that is ideal indoors or out! However, if you’re looking to travel further with more power, one of the 5 wheel mobility scooters from our range may suit you better.



When comparing the speed of powerchairs to mobility scooters it does depend what class the scooter is. At Quingo, our class 2 scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph, the same as the Connect, however our class 3 scooters have a maximum speed of 8mph and can be used on the road. So if you are going to be in a hurry or have a need for speed, a mobility scooter may be more suited to you and your lifestyle.



One of your worries about a mobility scooter may be that holding the handlebars or controlling the vehicle will have a negative impact on your posture, however Quingo Scooters were designed to help aid your posture and keep you comfortable. With the fully adjustable chairs as well as the adaptive footplates, our scooters help those with joint pain ride comfortably. The Quingo Connect also has adjustable footplates and a comfortable chair so that you have guaranteed comfort all day whilst you are using the intuitive joystick or if someone else is using the attendant control bracket.

Transportation and storage 

transportation and storage

One larger difference between the Connect Powerchair and the mobility scooters in our range is that transporting and storing the Connect may be significantly easier. However, we have some features on our scooters that make this easier for you. For example, The Ultra can be dismantled into smaller pieces making it lightweight to transport and easy to lift in and out of storage. Due to this feature, it can be dismantled and in the car in under 60 seconds with no heavy lifting!

But if you are favouring the Powerchair, it’s even easier to load into the car for a day out as it can fold or unfold in under 5 seconds and weighs under 21kg once folded so can easily be put into a car.

Since the Connect folds up, it can easily be stored indoors and will not take up a lot of room. However a mobility scooter will need more room for storage, so if you have a shed or a garage this would be ideal to keep your scooter in. If not, don’t worry – Quingo, quite literally, have you covered… we offer scooter covers and garages to protect your scooter from the British weather!

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