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Can You Take A Quingo Scooter On Holiday?

take flight with ease on a quingo

Do Your Research Before Booking!

If you own a Quingo ultra or connect, we are guessing it is one of your most prized possessions, and if you’re wanting to take your scooter with you on holiday that could be causing some anxiety as it may be difficult to get the scooter on the plane with you. To help calm your anxieties we have put together some information to help you with your concerns. You can also find more information on the government website…

Research before booking…ensure that the airline you’re booking with allows you to bring our scooter with you on their terms and conditions. You can contact their customer service team who should help you with any questions, just remember the cheapest airline can save you money, but they may not provide the highest quality of service, especially when it comes to taking your mobility scooter with you. Make sure that you tell the airline that you will be bringing mobility equipment with you before your flight so they can make adjustments for you and your flight if needed. Additionally, you should also be aware of the type of battery your scooter has, as lithium batteries will have to be removed from your scooter whilst onboard the plane to avoid short-circuiting.

Type and size of the scooter…

So you are assured that the airline can accommodate you and your scooter you will have to inform them of its class, type and measurements. A scooter that can be dismantled into different sections or be necked away into a more compact size is more ideal than an 8mph scooter as this may be too heavy to take on board. We also recommend that you take your user manual with you for proof of the size and weight of your scooter.

Travel With A Quingo!

At Quingo, we believe that are most ideal scooters for travelling are the Ultra and the Connect. 


get that ultra holiday feeling

The Quingo Ultra can be easily dismantled and is made out of Lightweight Aluminium Chassis, so is perfect for taking abroad with you on holiday. An advantage of taking your Quingo scooter with you on holiday is that you dont have to rent one or even downgrade to a wheelchair where a family member has to push you around all day long. If you have the freedom to go on holiday, then you deserve to be able to have your independence whilst on holiday with your scooter. If you are thinking of taking your Ultra on holiday, you can ensure the airline that the batteries are compliant, as they are not lithium batteries. Here we have a scenario of someone using a scooter with lithium batteries…

“I recently booked a foreign holiday. At the time of booking, I made everybody aware of my mobility issues and that I would need to take my mobility scooter. The airline requested details of my scooter and then said they would not take it owing to it having a lithium battery.”

This tourist was unlucky but, even if your airline will transport your lithium battery mobility scooter, the rules in place will be complex, and may even vary, as you travel through different regions. So, before you book your flight, be sure you are not going to be left with no way to get about when you reach your destination.


The lead-acid batteries in our Quingo 5 wheels scooters are all certified for transport in the cargo holds of aeroplanes so, the scooter can be loaded into the hold and forgotten about until you reach your destination. Even though our scooters are perfectly safe with the batteries connected during flight, some airlines will disconnect the batteries of your scooter as an extra precaution. Therefore, if your scooter is not working when you get to your destination check the battery cables are attached.


Many people with restricted mobility may be asking what is the best folding electric wheelchair or best travel electric wheelchair? The Quingo Connect Portable Travel Electric Wheelchair provides a great solution for this need, being one of the lightest folding electric wheelchair solutions on the market, making it ideal for transportation, be it in a car, coach or even an aeroplane, coach or train.

Finding a lightweight electric folding wheelchair with a lithium battery that can be taken on a plane is seemingly complicated but, with its removable batteries, which are fully approved for air travel, the Quingo Connect Portable Travel Electric Wheelchair can be transported safely on a plane, as long as the batteries are taken out and transported in the pressurised cabin. Being an ultralight folding electric wheelchair the Connect is also unlikely to add large, if any, baggage fees when you fly to your chosen destination, and it takes up less space as well!

the quingo connect is the perfect holiday companion

Most lightweight electric wheelchairs that offer folding capabilities are only capable of being controlled by the driver so the search for a lightweight portable electric wheelchair, that offers the ability to be either controlled by the occupant and yet be simply and quickly converted to an attendant controlled electric power wheelchair, narrows the field considerably. This is perfect for taking on holiday, as in the event of feeling tired someone else can control the chair for you.

Another question asked is how far can an electric wheelchair go? Most of the lightest folding electric wheelchair solutions on offer have severely restricted ranges due to their very small batteries. The Connect offers a very generous range of up to 9.3 miles.

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