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10th September 2021

Local Football Legend gets one of our Portable Mobility Scooters

On Saturday our Managing Director, Mark Nicholls, was once again out delivering and one of these deliveries was one of our portable mobility scooters, an Air, to Norman Appleby. Norman has been an extremely active… Read more

1st September 2021

Mobile Scooters for Disabled Users

When shopping for mobile scooters for disabled people there are many factors you should consider when choosing an appropriate vehicle for the intended user. Mobile scooters for disabled people come in many shapes and sizes… Read more

26th August 2021

The Folding Mobility Scooter

The folding mobility scooter is usually associated with travel though there may other factors that would lead you to choose one such as lack of storage space. So, let’s take a closer look at the… Read more

24th August 2021

The Lightweight Mobility Scooter

The lightweight mobility scooter is almost invariably a scooter with portability close to the forefront in its design. In order to create a lightweight mobility scooter there are many approaches and factors that can be… Read more

17th August 2021

The Lithium Battery Mobility Scooter 🔋

The lithium battery mobility scooter, while seemingly being the perfect solution, in fact offers up a few unexpected predicaments. At the most fundamental level there is the question of the range of a lithium battery… Read more

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