Mobility Scooter Rain Cover – The Options ☔

If you are looking for a mobility scooter rain cover this could be a variety of items so we will explore the items we offer that may suit your needs.

It is not just our Quintell™ Technologies that make you more comfortable on our 5-wheel scooters, we offer a range of accessories to make life easier, these will keep you dry.

The first item we offer that can be thought of as a mobility scooter rain cover is the ARC (All Weather Removable Canopy) that can be fitted to our larger models, making the scooter not only drier, it will also be warmer because it eliminates wind chill.

Weatherproof your mobility scooter with these fully removable canopies making trips out in bad weather much more pleasurable.

Classic/Plus All-Weather Removable Canopy (ARC) – Mobility Scooter Rain Cover

Classic/Plus All Weather Removable Canopy

With a robust frame, sealable side panels and a durable, rigid front screen you are protected from the elements.

Vitess2/Toura2 All-Weather Removable Canopy (ARC) – Mobility Scooter Rain Cover

Toura2/Vitess2 All Weather Removable Canopy

Featuring a sturdy frame, sealable side panels and a tough, rigid front screen you are shielded from the weather.

These can also help lessen your exposure to airborne pathogens.

You should not use any mobility scooter fitted with a canopy in high wind conditions.

The price of our ARCs includes delivery and installation by one of our highly qualified engineers.

Scooter Garage – Mobility Scooter Rain Cover

Scooter Garage mobility scooter rain cover

Many of you will not have access to a permanent storage space such as a garage or shed but still want to protect your investment.

The Quingo Scooter Garage is the very best way to keep your scooter in great condition, protecting it from the elements, and removing the need to store the shelter while you are using your mobility scooter. Our mobility scooter garage opens effortlessly making leaving the shelter or storing your scooter easy and, being non-permanent, requires no planning permission to install it. Robust waterproof material and a substantial structure make this an extremely useful accessory for protecting your scooter while it is not in use.

Scooter Storage Cover – Mobility Scooter Rain Cover

Scooter Storage Cover mobility scooter rain cover

In the event that you have no access to indoor storage space, and do not have room for one of our Scooter Garages, our mobility scooter storage cover is a sensible way to get great protection for your scooter.

Fully waterproof it will shield your asset and the drawstring will secure it to your scooter even on windy days. When you remove it from your scooter it can be easily folded for stowing until your return.

Scooter Mac/Rain Cape – Mobility Scooter Rain Cover

Scooter Mac/Rain Cape

If one of our ARCs is not what you want, or you own a model that does not have that option when the weather is poor a truly down-to-earth rain garment could be the difference between being comfy and unhappy.

Your average raincoat will be intended to be worn by someone who is standing up and not in a seated position.

If you sit down in one for any prolonged period of time water tends to gather in the crotch area meaning you will likely get soaked when you stand to dismount your scooter.

Our scooter mac was conceived from the beginning to address the particular needs a seated user has of a rain garment.

The Mac offers head to toe rain protection with a hood keeping your head dry with the garment then covering the full length of your body to your ankles. The mac is fashioned so the considerably wider circumference needed to house your legs and knees when seated is built-in and full coverage means that both your thighs and lower legs remain dry while travelling.

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