Quingo choose SAIC Maxus 9 Vans to Expand Our Fleet

With the Covid outbreak Quingo has experienced a sizeable increase in sales with greater numbers of mobility restricted clients wishing to become more independent.

Quingo - aiding the mobility restrictedThis is due to various factors, such as family and friends being unable to visit their households due to lockdown restrictions or where they have had to self isolate, the other problem has been people being unable to take them out for the day to complete day to day tasks like visiting the shops or their doctor.This is where our free no obligation home assessment service is so popular. Following strict COVID protocols, our team of trained Quingo Mobility Advisors, offer training, advise and thourough test drives in your home location, to ensure your safety and to see which Quingo suits your needs.

With many mobility impaired people also being considered clinically at high risk, there has been a strong a desire to avoid the health threats inherent in using public transport.

The personal mobility scooter is the perfect combination of ease of use, convenience and safety for many and the Quingo range offers some outstanding solutions to the needs of our clients.

Quingo owners have the peace of mind of knowing they are benefitting from all the Quintell™ Technologies and the unique 5 wheel patented design that makes Quingo scooters exceptionally safe.

The five wheel design has been independently tested and proven by the MHRA to offer far greater dynamic stability, Thorpe Associates to be more manoeuvrable with a far tighter turning circle than an equivalent length 4 wheel scooter, Davis Associates found the Quingo to be more comfortable, allowing the passenger up to 80% more leg room than a similar 4 wheel scooter, and Frazer Nash observed that the Quingo was more stable and could climb kerbs at up to a 45° angle, something that no 3 or 4 wheel scooter can match.

The increased sales have further been bolstered by the introduction of our new the take apart boot scooter, the Quingo Ultra which uses aluminium for the chassis which reduces weight while maintaining superb strength. 

The Ultra has proven extremely popular with customers and the first three production batches sold out so fast we had to increase our production rate to meet the demand!

The introduction of the reduced weight MK2 docking station for our self loading Quingo Flyte model has made it an even more attractive prospect. 

The rest of the range has enjoyed increased popularity as well with customers being able to select from a broad selection of styles and capabilities with our range topping high performance Quingo Toura 2 offering real car replacement capabilities with it’s impressive 55 mile range. 

This increase in sales, and therefore the need to offer more of our highly regarded free home demonstrations and test drives, means we are expanding our business.ROSPA compliant Blue Diamond Driver Check

To this end we have augmented our team of highly trained mobility advisors, to permit our customers the benefit of being able to try out different model,s in their local environment, for themselves, to assure they are getting the correct model for their needs.

The Advisor additionally carries out our ROSPA compliant Blue Diamond Driver Check to make sure the client is safe and secure on a scooter and we actively encourage a family member or friend to attend to assist in making the choice.

These home assessments allow us to be sure sure we offer you not only exceptional personal service but also the very best personal mobility vehicle for your needs. 

The success of our home demonstrations is has been reflected by our customers voting for Quingo being awarded the coveted feefo gold award for 2021. 

feefo Gold Trusted Award

As feefo is a completely independent feedback service we are very proud of our consistently high rating on there.SAIC Maxus Vans

In order to achieve the highest levels of service possible our advisors require an extremely reliable form of transport.

Quingo choose SAIC Maxus 9

After a lot of careful research Quingo have chosen the SAIC Maxus 9 for our latest fleet vehicles due to their high level of specification, comfort, performance and efficiency while the internal height of the storage area of the vans is perfect for our needs, allowing our scooters to easily be driven in and out of the vehicles.

Quingo choose SAIC Maxus 9

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