Road Legal Mobility Scooters 🛣

Road legal mobility scooters are the class 3, 8mph capable scooter models.

These are distinct from class 2, pavement only use scooters.

Our range includes three class 3, 8 mph capable, road legal mobility scooters.

The Plus

Quingo Plus road legal mobility scooter


With its classic good looks, the Plus is the entry point to our class 3, road legal mobility scooters. With its robust 400-watt motor and twin 50AH batteries, the Plus can tackle adverse terrain with ease and with a potential range of 30 miles and adjustable suspension it is so much more than just an entry-level scooter.

The Vitess2

Quingo Vitess2 road legal mobility scooter



The Vitess2 is where you enter the world of luxury road legal mobility scooters. The Vitess2 offers contemporary design and great looks in a package that can tackle hilly areas. With a clear and concise digital dash, a comprehensive lighting package, a powerful 400w motor with twin 50AH batteries giving a 30-mile range, a supremely comfortable seat couple with fully adjustable suspension the Vitess2 is one of our most popular road legal mobility scooters.

The Toura2

Quingo Toura2 road legal mobility scooter

Our range-topping Toura2 is truly a deluxe model and is a formidable performer with impressive statistics. Offering a range of up to 55 miles the Toura2 features a hugely powerful 650w motor twin 100Ah batteries. The extra-long wheelbase, large wheels and excellent ground clearance allow the Toura2 to tackle all but the very worst terrain. Our fully adjustable Smooth Drive II suspension combined with the most luxurious seat we offer gives you a smoothness of ride that you will really appreciate. The Toura2 sports a digital dash which is very comprehensive. The Toura2 features a high specification lighting pack keeping you highly visible and safe at night.

All of our road legal mobility scooters also feature the following worldwide patented Quintell™ Technologies:

Our Smart Bumper protects you from small collisions and, being spring-loaded, cushions you from any bumps.

Kerbmaster™ is the fully automatic anti-tipping and anti-beaching device that makes descending from kerbs safer and hassle-free.

Adaptive feet forward footplates are a crucial component of our Quintell™ Posture Control System. Adjustable in multiple directions these ensure your ankles, knees, hips and back all have the optimal ergonomic seating position.

Fully adjustable seats and tillers further enhance your comfort and posture and allow you fully utilise up to 80% extra foot room our five-wheel design allows over comparable four-wheel scooters.

When thinking about road legal mobility scooters many ask themselves “do you need a driving license for a mobility scooter?”

Though we insist that you pass our ROSPA compliant Blue Diamond Driver Check before using one of our scooters or owning one the simple answer to the question “do you need a driving license for a mobility scooter?” is no, there is no formal or legal requirement to have a license or even insurance, though we do strongly advise you take the adequate cover out and will offer you a competitive and comprehensive package.

However, there are requirements in the law and highway code that make sure that you must be courteous to other road and indeed pavement, users at all times.

You can read more about the rules for class 3, road legal mobility scooters in our article here.

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