Modern mobility scooters- We’ve come a long way

Modern mobility scooters have come a long way from their early roots.

The concept of personal mobility goes back much further than you may think, in fact, the first personal mobility device dates to the 17th century.

The rise of the modern mobility scooter starts just after World War One when powered invalid carriages made an appearance, though, in utilizing small petrol engines as the power source this meant they could not be used indoors because of the fumes they generated. These small engines also tended to be quite unreliable.

Fast forward to the end of World War Two and the need for invalid carriages once again arose due to a large number of injured veterans. These were larger and offered more power than the pre-war models but they were configured with three wheels making them inherently unstable.

It wasn’t until the 80’s that the modern mobility scooter becomes something that we would recognize today. In 1983 the family behind the Quingo brand, the Nicholls, created an electric-powered, three-wheel, compact mobility scooter, the Voyager.

The Voyager an early modern mobility scooter

This was not just an innovative product it used thoroughly modern technology, computers, in its design.

While it was a leap forward in personal mobility Graham Nicholls soon realized that the three-wheel configuration still had the issue of reduced stability.

Graham then experimented with a variety of four-wheel scooters including one of the very first modern mobility scooters designed to be transportable.

However, the four wheels introduced, while addressing the stability issues presented by three-wheel designs, their own flaws, particularly lack of legroom leading to poor posture and therefore discomfort.

So, it was time to rethink the basic configuration and come up with the next generation of modern mobility scooters.

Something was needed to bridge the gap between the best of what the three-wheel scooter offered and the advantages offered by the four-wheeler. The answer turned out to be five wheels.

The five-wheel configuration features our worldwide patented Quintell™ Technologies something no other modern mobility scooters can claim.

Quintell Technology

These innovations include:

Tri-Wheel steering allows your scooter not only a fantastic turning circle but also the ability to climb and dismount kerbs at up to a 45° angle.

Kerbmaster™ which prevents tipping and beaching.

Adaptive Floating Footplates that can be adjusted in multiple planes to make sure you experience optimal comfort.

These coupled with fully adjustable seats and tillers make sure that your posture is improved which means you will be more comfortable.

The Quingo Range thoroughly modern scooters

Being cutting edge modern mobility scooters our 5-wheel scooters offer fantastic reliability and with the top of the range Toura2 you get a whopping 55 mile range, but that isn’t the only way to travel with a Quingo you could have our aluminium framed Ultra car boot scooter or our revolutionary self-loading Flyte.

Electric power and the agility Tri-Wheel steering gives to make our range of modern mobility scooters ideal for use indoors and for getting around in tight spaces.

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