Custom Mobility Scooter

When you think about a custom mobility scooter you may be visualizing something along the lines of the custom cars you may have seen on TV but the reality is much more prosaic.

Toura2 custom mobility scooter

A custom mobility scooter is much more likely to be a standard mobility scooter that has been adapted to meet specific needs and disabilities.

In order to own a custom mobility scooter, you may not need to pay the considerable amounts involved in commissioning a custom mobility scooter to be made from scratch or to adapt an existing scooter.

With the huge range of adjustments available with the Quintell™ Technologies featured in all of our products, you will quite probably find one of the range can meet your requirements removing the requirement for a custom mobility scooter.

Our unique 5-wheel configuration offers far more legroom when compared to equivalent traditional four-wheel designs, in fact up to 80% more room is available.

Our scooters offer a wide range of customizations to make the scooter fit your body and your needs more closely.

Our seats are highly configurable being adjustable backwards, forwards, up or down and the arms are adjustable as well. When you add in the fact we can upgrade the seat of almost every model with the seat from another model means you can get a far less expensive alternative to a custom mobility scooter.

The scooter’s great; in fact it’s b****y marvellous! I decided on an upgraded seat and I am pleased because it is so comfortable and gives great support. I am fortunate in that I can still drive my car so I tend to use my scooter as a standby at the moment. – Mr Bailey

The tiller is configurable to match your reach and with our adaptive footplates, your comfort is assured.

We can change the way the scooter controls are configured to make them easier for you to use and we can even set the scooters up for single-handed control.

It is much easier now you have changed the control lever for me; I feel much safer. I am very satisfied with the scooter. – Mr Stanner

Bespoke set up in your home means you get a scooter that is possibly better set up to suit you than a custom mobility scooter.

The delivery service was fabulous. I had a test drive and your engineer made sure I was very comfortable. I have to say that everybody I have dealt with about the scooter have been really nice and kind to me. – Mrs Harvey

Our wide range of accessories allows you to further customize your scooter to meet your specific needs.


Cutomise your Vitess2 or Toura2 mobility scooter with a Q-Cam

One of the most popular additions is our review camera, the Q-Cam, which is available on our Vitess2 and Toura2 scooters.

The scooter is great. I find the camera very useful when I am reversing and can I just say, all your engineers are great, very helpful – Mrs Morris

Visit our accessories page here to find all the ways that you can get custom touches for your Quingo.

Finally, it is worth considering that heavy adaptations can make a custom mobility scooter less reliable.

Our range of adjustments is far greater than on almost any other scooter but is crucially part of the design of the vehicle.

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