The Portable Scooter You Don’t Have To Lift 🚗

For the first time ever, the Quingo Flyte offers big scooter performance and the Quingo 5 wheel advantage without heavy lifting or dismantling and assembly. Our pioneering, self-loading Quingo Flyte is the perfect mobility scooter when space is an issue and power and performance a requirement.

quingo flyte - portable scooter

Portable and self-loading into your car

The 5 wheel self lifting portable scooter with big scooter performance. The Quingo Flyte mobility scooter remotely loads and unloads in under 60 seconds with its unique removable docking station which fits most standard hatchback cars. The dock also incorporates clever lightweight loading ramps, and with a simple two button remote control your scooter powers itself out of your car. No heavy lifting or dismantling is required and the entire weight of the scooter is fully supported! This versatile scooter is ideal for indoors or outside use. It can be used in shopping centres, as well as for trips to your small local shop, as this scooter is so compact and easily manoeuvrable. Experience independence like never before.

Now with the NEW IMPROVED even simpler release system and much lighter components to take the non-permanent Docking Station out of the car, you can remove the Docking Station from the car within minutes, there are no nuts and bolts or pins, just simple release levers. And you can move it quickly and easily and install it into different cars.

self loading and unloading - requires no more effort than closing your tailgate

Why should you choose a Quingo Scooter?

Our 5 wheel mobility scooters are unlike any other mobility vehicles available today. From self-loading portables that you don’t have to lift to 8mph road legal models, all offer safe, enhanced 5 wheel stability,

my flyte is brillianttighter turning circles, adaptive posture control & safer kerb handling.

This unique blend of benefits combined with our ‘Blue Diamond’ safety assessment and training program means thousands of safe, confident and independent users. Discover why Quingo 5 wheel scooters are so different from all others, call for your free test drive today! 

Customer feedback

“My Flyte is brilliant”

I’m very pleased with my Quingo Flyte and its docking station, the portable scooter is an amazing piece of kit and it certainly attracts a lot of interest. It’s made life easier for all concerned.



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