​​Happy International Grandparents Day!

To all the grandparents in our Quingo community, Happy International Grandparents Day!

At Quingo, we value the importance of family and appreciate quality time together. This International Grandparents Day, we hope you’ve been able to enjoy some precious time with your family or have some plans for the week ahead. Maybe a stroll around the local park, a trip to the shopping centre or even just go out for a coffee?

grandparents - flyte quingo scooter

We know that, unfortunately, many of you may have found it hard to get out and enjoy some family time recently but we’re proud to say that the Quingo Flyte will be an incredible investment that will make this easy for you.

It’s time to take ‘flyte’ with your own Quingo scooter. The Flyte scooter is a self lifting, loading and portable scooter that will open up a world of possibilities for you and your family. The scooter has a fantastic range of 23 miles and can very easily load into the back of your car, at the push of a button.

Loading and Docking

folding and self loading flyte scooter into car

The Flyte, together with the MK2 docking station, is the perfect solution for those who struggle with heavy lifting. As well as being ideal for use indoors, the Flyte can also be confidently used outside. It loads into most hatchbacks/SUVs in under 60 seconds.
Enjoy big scooter performance, unparalleled agility and manoeuvrability, all without the performance limitations associated with standard portable scooters.  Since it is not permanently fitted to the car, the docking station is simple to install or remove.


manoeuvrability - five wheel advantage

Quingo is the only company that offers a unique 5-wheel stability system. 5-wheels ensure exceptional stability, agility, safety and comfort. This enhanced design feature allows Quingo scooters to use far less space when making a tight turn without the expense of losing stability, all whilst allowing enhanced control when negotiating dips and bumps. Say goodbye to the fear of tipping or falling! Ideal indoors or out, it can be used around your local neighbourhood, for shopping trips or even for a stroll in the park.

Comfort and Adjustability

comfort and adjustability

The Flyte benefits from the best of our Quintell™ innovations that grant up to 80% more legroom. Our adaptive footplates, fully adjustable seats and tillers ensure you will experience great comfort. The feet forward configuration of Quingo allows customers of a loftier stature, and those who may suffer from joint stiffness, to ride comfortably.

Perfect posture

fully adjustable chairs

The comfortable, padded chairs on Quingo scooters are adjustable in height, width and depth. Total comfort all starts with your posture, enjoy the best possible posture with the Quingo Flyte. Quingo is the only scooter range that offers full ergonomic posture control. By reducing stress on your back, hips, knees and ankle joints you will even feel comfort on the longest journeys.
It’s time to look after yourself and enjoy unparalleled agility, comfort and manoeuvrability with the Quingo Flyte.

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