Cool Mobility Scooter

The idea of a cool mobility scooter seems a bit odd with their stodgy image as being only for the elderly and infirm and the stigma people unjustly attach to this.

When people think about mobility scooters they mostly think about the red painted scooter with grey tyres with a single light poorly mounted on the front of the scooter which is often loose and yes, these are as far from a cool mobility scooter as you can get!

Not a cool mobility scooter

In fact, this image is not in any way justified and the cool mobility scooter does exist!

Each model in the Quingo range of five-wheel mobility scooters can, we feel, make the claim to be a cool mobility scooter.

The Quingo Range thoroughly modern scooters

The Ultra

The smallest scooter in our range and yet still a very cool mobility scooter the Ultra is a take apart car boot scooter that takes full advantage of modern materials technology to keep the weight of its component parts to a minimum.

The Flyte

If you want a cool mobility scooter you can’t get better than the self-loading Flyte. Imagine pulling up in your car and unloading your scooter at the touch of a button or loading it in the same way? The Flyte always get all the attention it deserves!

I’m very pleased with my Flyte and together with the docking station, it’s an amazing piece of kit. It certainly attracts a lot of interest. – Mr Stewart – Flyte and Docking Station

The Plus

With its Issigonis-like, classic lines the Plus offers retro cool styling to a powerful class 3 package. It is like taking a trip back to movies like the Italian Job on a modern electric scooter.

The Vitess 2

The name says it all bringing to mind speed, grace and performance. If any of our scooters could claim to be a cool mobility scooter this is it! Stylish modern coachwork and design make this one of our best sellers, and with its fantastic performance you will be the scooter owner everyone else wants to be.

The scooter’s smashing. I am the envy of the district! – Mr Gray Vitess Mk2

The Toura 2

The Toura 2 is the flagship of our range and with its imposing size and exceptional performance it truly is a cool mobility scooter. Able to tackle all but the worst terrain and with a range of up to 55 miles this scooter really takes no prisoners.

It’s brilliant! I can go anywhere I like now; I am very satisfied. – Mr Senior Toura Mk2

All of our scooters feature tasteful and subtle silver paint that stands out among all the other scooters you will see out and about.

Every scooter is fitted with smart alloy wheels making them stand apart from those rather cheap looking plastic wheels that are so common on other scooters.

Add in the fact that you can only get our exclusive Quintell™ Technologies with their enhancements to safety, stability, agility and comfort

While it is never a nice thing to admit to needing assistance, with mobility Quingo Scooters you are far more stylish and you are driving the closest thing you can get to a cool mobility scooter.

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