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plan a perfect picnic with quingo

With all this warm weather is the perfect opportunity to meet with friends and family for a picnic! Whether you’re going to the local park or around the national trust, a quingo scooter accompanied by a High Capacity Water Resistant Front Shopping Box could be a lifesaver for keeping your food hot or cold. All Quingo scooters offer shopping baskets, but it is only compatible with the Flyte, Vitess2 and Toura2.

shop til you drop with quingo

“Shop ‘til You Drop” With Quingo

Our High Capacity Water Resistant Front Shopping Box is for those who may wish for a larger, more robust storage solution for their shopping and other items. We designed the box with greater carrying capacity in mind, it is therefore suited to somewhat larger shops and since it can be sealed it can keep your items cooler or warmer if necessary. 

plan the perfect picnic with quingo

Plan The Perfect Picnic On Your Quingo

In the warmer months that we are approaching the time when pesky flies are swarming around your food, but when your food is shielded in the box it is protected from sun exposure and insects will be unable to get to it. This feature is great for those of you who enjoy a picnic! No need for anyone to carry a heavy box of food! As all your food and drink will be kept cool and carried with ease by your very own Quingo.

aviod the wet winter with quingos water resistance

Avoid The Wet Winter With Quingos Water Resistance

However after all the glorious warm weather… unfortunately we will have the cold rainy days back. Just because the weather has changed doesn’t mean that the box won’t be useful anymore, the water resistance feature of the box and its increased capacity will be useful during wetter winter months when you may want to go out less and have the ability to carry more home from the shops, though the water-resistance will probably become very handy in the British summer too!

As mentioned above the High Capacity Water Resistant Front Shopping Box is compatible with the Flyte, Vitess2 and Toura2 , so if you would like to book a test drive on a scooter from our range you can book through the link below, or if you already have your very own quingo and you are interested in purchasing a box to accompany your scooter then visit our website today!

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