Quingo Blog

5th July 2021

Choosing an Indoor Mobility Scooter

We are often asked by people “Which indoor mobility scooter is right for me?” and  it is surprising how many day to day tasks could be made much easier for you by the use of… Read more

12 mph Mobility Scooter – Legal or Not?

12 mph Mobility Scooter – You and the Law We are often asked “Why can I buy, but not use a 12 mph mobility scooter in the United Kingdom?”. The simple fact is they are… Read more

Mobility scooters prices

There is a huge range of mobility scooters prices to be found when you are researching buying a mobility scooter. So that makes choosing one simply a matter of price surely? Well if you buy… Read more

Best Mobility Scooters in the UK

We are confident that the Quingo range are the best mobility scooters in the UK. Your immediate response to that is probably, “Well you would say that wouldn’t you?” And a healthy scepticism is perfectly… Read more

Small mobility scooter

Is a Small Mobility Scooter the Right Choice for Me? A small mobility scooter can be very handy in a number of ways, but larger scooters also have significant advantages as well. In fact, a… Read more

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