Quingo Scooters Customisable Features

Customise your Quingo scooter to accommodate your wants and needs…

customise your quingo

When you are purchasing a mobility scooter you want it to be perfect for you, that’s why we have customisable features on our scooters, they are made to suit you and meet all of your needs. Here are some additional features we offer…

Stick clip

stick clip

If you use a walking stick for getting about you may have found that they become a bit of a handful when you are trying to drive a scooter. These handy little clips allow you to attach your stick to the scooter securely thereby leaving your hands free for the more important task of operating your scooter safely!

Rear Mounted Oxygen Cylinder Carrying Bag

rear mounted oxygen cylinder carrying bag

Those of you who need to carry an oxygen cylinder with you on your mobility device will be all too familiar with how manageable these can be without the correct equipment. Our carrying bag allows you to securely mount your oxygen cylinder to the rear of your scooter seat, a much more practical and safer location for it. This positioning allows your breathing tubes to be routed over the back of the seat, meaning they never have to get in the way of your legs or arms, will be under minimal to no strain and are not near components that could potentially damage them.

Lightweight basket

Quingo lightweight basket

Thanks to the use of plastic materials, the basket is lightweight and resistant to dents. In addition, it is attached to the chassis instead of the steering column, so that the Quingo scooter is not heavy to steer.

Heated Handlebars

Quingo heated handlebars

The heated handlebars are extremely supportive for those who suffer with Carpal tunnel syndrome or Rheumatoid Arthritis. These handlebars are of course also great for those who would like extra heat into their hands. The handlebars are equipped with easy to adjust temperature controls.

Rear view camera

quingo rear view camera

Only at available Quingo, the rear view camera is continuously on so that you can always see exactly what is happening behind you. This is extremely convenient and adds a layer of safe when storing your scooter, reversing or in busy traffic situations. The rear view camera is optional for the Toura2 and the Vitess2.

All weather removable canopy

all weather canopy

Quingo’s all weather removable canopy is available in different sizes to suit the different models in the range. The canopy is suitable for the Toura2, Vitess2, Plus and Classic. The canopy has a hard protective front screen to protect you, especially if travelling on the road with our road models. It is a great extra for those who want all weather protection from wind, rain or even in the summer as a sun shade. It can also be used to make you feel more safe travelling into supermarkets or shops as the doors can be zipped up from the inside and out, meaning you can be inside and not be contacted by anyone.




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