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As we are all aware, we need to take care of our planet and all play our part in creating a more sustainable world. The major benefit of electric vehicles is the contribution that they can make towards improving air quality. Pure electric vehicles produce no carbon dioxide emissions when in use, this reduces air pollution considerably. Quingo scooters are fully electric so no carbon emissions are produced when in use, helping to improve the air quality in your local area. 


Our class 3 Quingo scooters including the Plus, Vitess2 and Toura2, are all ultimate endurance models, and a stylish car replacement with larger wheels, motor and extra long-range batteries. The most advanced and powerful 4/8 mph road-legal model and the perfect mobility solution for those who wish to go further with more power, carrying capacity and range is the Toura2. This means you can still go places even without a car!

Thinking of replacing your car with a Quingo scooter?

You could cut down on petrol usage by using an electric mobility scooter. Due to rechargeable batteries, there is a very low running cost, all you have to do is plug it in!

car replacement quingo toura2

You Could Replace Your Car With A Quingo Toura2

A Quingo mobility scooter could replace your car for some of your journeys. With so many extraordinary benefits, the Quingo Toura2 is our most advanced model in the range. Since this scooter can reach 8mph it is road legal, allowing you to go further than ever before with a maximum range of 55 miles. Even if you won’t always be on the road, the Toura2 is also suitable for use on the path as it has a speed limiter option so that you can drive at 4mph too. The kerb climbing ability is effortless because of its 10inch front wheels and 12inch rear. The Toura2 is one of the safest mobility scooters on the market with its amazing handling, superior safety and unmatched comfort.

quingo car replacemnt toura 2

The benefits don’t stop there… The Toura2 also has Quingo’s unique 5 wheel system, allowing you to make tight turns in small spaces without tipping over. Ideal indoors or out, it can be used around your local neighbourhood, for shopping trips or even for a stroll in the park. If you want this to be your reality then book a, FREE, no obligation, test drive today! Try the Quingo technology for yourself.

⭐️Customer Testimonials From Feefo⭐️

As you may know, we were recently awarded the Feefo Trusted Service Award Winner for 2022. Here we have some of our amazing reviews about the Toura2 left by our loyal customers.

Excellent Service

‘Excellent service and a well-made product!”

“The whole process went very smoothly, the staff were well informed and the product is very well made. All dealings were dealt with promptly and with efficiency. I bought the Vitess and it does exactly as promised, it is what I hoped for and it gives me confidence”


great experience, great scooter

“Great experience, great scooter”

The mobility advisor explained the features of the scooter very well, I had a test drive on the Vitess scooter, it was easy to use and also very comfortable, for my disability. I would recommend it to friends and family because my scooter is Great, it’s very comfortable and easy to operate.



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