Mobility Scooters with Suspension

When you are looking for, or at, mobility scooters with suspension you will most likely be looking at Class 3, road legal 8 mph capable scooters.

Though there are quite a few scooters on the market that feature suspension these are often very low specification offering very little in the way of shock absorption or adjustability. All our models that feature suspension offer high specification, fully adjustable suspension systems making your ride much more comfortable and smoother.

I am really pleased. Your engineer came to adjust the suspension and I get a much better ride now. – Mr Pilkington Vitess2

We have three mobility scooters with suspension in the Quingo range of five-wheel scooters. Each one has its own unique suspension system in place and these are Class 3, road legal, 8MPH capable scooters. Suspension is a significant advantage in road capable mobility scooters, offering far greater comfort on the rougher surfaces that roads can present to the scooter driver.

Our mobility scooters ith suspension

Plus and Vitess2

Oh, it’s brilliant. And I like the suspension very much. – Mr Cann Plus

The Plus and Vitess2 offer you fully adjustable suspension making all but the very roughest of surfaces smooth and comfortable to travel on. Coupled with supremely comfortable padded seats you will find them giving you ride quality few mobility scooters with suspension can even hope to match.

Quingo Vitess2 Fully adjustable suspension

It is lovely. I like the ride height and it is very comfortable. – Mrs Rowley Vitess2


The Toura2 is one of those mobility scooters with suspension that just takes everything to the next level in opulence and comfort. Featuring our Smooth Drive II suspension, the Toura2 really is the epitome of luxury. When you add in the Comfort+ seat then the Toura2 really is a deluxe model. Capable of travel over surfaces that most scooters cannot traverse the Toura2 offers a range of up to 55 miles on a single charge.

Quingo Toura2 Smoothdrive II suspension


I am getting on very well with my scooter. It’s much more comfortable than my old machine; it’s a great improvement. – Mr Busby Toura2

The other two models in our range are not mobility scooters with suspension as they are Class 2, 4MPH, pavement only scooters.

The reason why our pavement scooters do not feature suspension is the pneumatic tyres, and very comfortable padded seats, offer enough shock absorption to maintain your comfort as pavements tend to offer much smoother surfaces.

All of our mobility scooters with suspension or without, offer the worldwide patented and renowned Quintell™ Technologies that allow them to stand apart from the crowd.

Offering outstanding foot room for exceptional comfort, the five-wheel design we are famous for gives rock-solid stability and optimal safety while our Tri-Wheel steering brings outstanding handling performance and the ability to climb kerbs at up to a 45° angle.

Our fully adjustable seats and tillers and feet forward adaptive footplates enhance the mobility scooter’s suspension making our scooters among the most comfortable on offer.

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