Mobility Scooters – Confused?

Buying Mobility Scooters – Cutting through the confusion

There is a plethora of mobility scooters available on the market and it can be very confusing as to which scooter is a good fit for you.

Not all mobility scooters are created equal and choosing between them, being as they all appear to be very much alike, can be a daunting task.

You could be forgiven for just picking the first one you like the look of and buying it. Which could be a terrible mistake.

This could lead to owning a scooter that is not suited to your needs, is uncomfortable and which may even be dangerous. Consequently, many scooters bought on the spur of the moment often lie unused, particularly if you don’t have the opportunity to try one before you buy.

The only stand out, and significantly different, design from the crowd of “me too” mobility scooters are the 5-wheel Quingo range.

Utilising worldwide patented Quintell™ technologies, the Quingo range offer innovative design solutions that overcome the issues you can encounter on other, more traditional, three or four wheel mobility scooters.

Featuring kerb climbing at up to 45 degrees and our self-driving anti-tip/anti-beach Kerbmaster™ a Quingo can achieve kerb handling beyond any other scooter, significantly increasing your safety.

Kerbmaster™ makes our mobility scooters safer

Which of the Quingo mobility scooters is right for me?

Each of the 6 models in our range have their own unique properties.

A range of mobility scooters covering all prices

You can compare them HERE

From this you may have an idea of which model will suit you best. However, this may not be the case and, to this end, we offer our highly regarded, obligation free, home demonstration and test drive.


This not only allows you to test drive the model you have chosen, but also allows you to try any of the other mobility scooters in the range to find out if maybe another model is better suited to your needs.

This also allows us to make sure you have a safe and secure place to store and charge any of our mobility scooters.

Our primary concern is that you are happy with your chosen scooter and advisors will take the time to fully explore your needs and make sure the scooter you choose will significantly improve your quality of life.

Their is no doubt mobility scooters can put a smile on your face

If none of our range of mobility scooters is the right scooter for you, we will be honest with you and not sell you one.

Another thing we are sure you will enjoy when buying one of our mobility scooters is the completely free home delivery and configuration process.

To begin with our highly trained technicians build the scooter to your specifications.

Once it has been configured and tested your scooter is then loaded on to one of our fleet of delivery vans.

Our engineer will deliver the scooter to your home, unpack it, ensure all is working correctly, then they will proceed with a bespoke set up so your Quingo will offer the maximum comfort and ease of use to you.

You are then given full training on how to maintain your scooter and then how to drive safely and securely with our ROSPA compliant Blue Diamond Driver Check.

Only when you and our engineer are satisfied that you will get the best from your mobility scooter will he leave.

Of course, from this point going forward we offer comprehensive support including home servicing of our mobility scooters.

Our dedicated customer services team can also be easily contacted for any questions you may have about any aspect of your scooter ownership.

Why not find how the stability, agility, comfort and safety of our mobility scooters can increase your freedom and quality of life?

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