Looking for the Most Comfortable Mobility Scooter?

The most comfortable mobility scooter

In testing carried out by Davis Associates, one of the UK’s leading human factors consultancies, Quingo’s were found to be the most comfortable mobility scooter on the market when compared to traditional 4 wheeled mobility scooters.

“When compared to 4 wheelers, Quingo’s are more adjustable in their setup allowing them to better meet the needs of the individual.

Quingo’s provide a comfortable driving posture for a greater proportion of the population.

Quingo’s facilitate a greater hip angle range than 4 wheelers without compromising the angles of the knee or ankle.”

As every one of us is different and have varying needs it is vital for your comfort that your mobility scooter adjusts to you and your preferences rather than you adapting to the vehicle.

The levels of comfort offered by our mobility scooters are only made possible due to our use of worldwide patented Quintell™ technologies.

The first, and one of the most significant, advantage of our design is that it offers up to 80% more foot space than a comparable four-wheel scooter.

Adaptive footplates help make Quingo the most comfortable mobility scooter

Our unique 5-wheel design features our adaptive footplates. These can be moved independently forwards or backwards and angled in such a way that they offer the driver the best possible posture and the greatest comfort available.

Additional comfort is granted by our fully adjustable seats that can be adjusted both for height and position either forwards or backwards, thereby allowing much improved leg room. Our armrests are adjustable as well meaning you can position your arms perfectly to offer greater comfort and better control of your scooter.

All of these combined mean that your hips, knees and ankles can all be at optimal angles and therefore your comfort will be greatly enhanced and strain on your joints is reduced by a large degree.

The very fact that your posture is correct also means you are in better control of the scooter and will be able to utilise the fantastic agility of your Quingo mobility scooter.

The most comfortable mobility scooter can bring back your freedom

But what about 3-wheel scooters?

Though three wheeled scooters offer similar legroom to our scooters, they do not offer our adaptive footplates.

This potentially leads to poor posture, which will lead to discomfort, be it while riding the scooter or in the longer term.

In addition to the potential of long-term discomfort there is the additional potential of strain injuries due to the inherent instability of the three-wheel design, the steering on a three-wheel scooter is susceptible to jerking when you hit bumps, potholes or when you climb even the smallest of kerbs. This can be minor, and build up over time, or may be quite significant leading to a reduction in your quality of life. For example, those of you unfortunate enough to suffer from arthritis, will also know that sudden movements can be agonizing. This is just one condition that can benefit from a scooter designed with a focus on comfort.

An even more significant threat to you comfort on a three-wheel scooter is the very real danger of the scooter tipping over and throwing you to the ground, sadly an all too common scenario. A fall from any vehicle can cause serious injury in itself, but it is also could potentially leave you in the path of danger if you are thrown in to a road for example.

A comfortable mobility scooter still needs to be safe

We  believe our range of five-wheel scooters offers the greatest combination of comfort, safety and agility you can obtain.

When you try a Quingo for yourself we are certain you will agree that they are the most comfortable mobility scooter and also the safest.


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