Which is the Best all Terrain Mobility Scooter in the UK?

Today we are asking the question “Just which is the best all terrain mobility scooter in the UK?”

There are many possible answers the first of which is you probably don’t need an all terrain mobility scooter if you live in the UK and your best choice may be something completely different.

By their very nature all terrain mobility scooters are really only suited to use in very challenging conditions.

They tend to cost much more than other mobility scooters that may fulfil your needs with ease.

So, it is worth bearing in mind that a less than scrupulous company may try to sell you an all terrain mobility scooter when you don’t actually need one, or even worse which is totally unsuited to you, simply to make more money.

At Quingo we will never try to sell you a scooter that isn’t right for you or that will not meet your needs.

Most scooter users in the UK don't need an all terrain mobility scooter

There are many configurations offered in the all terrain mobility scooter world, from three wheels, an arrangement that seems an odd choice given the inherent instability of the design, to six wheels and even tracked vehicles.

Again, these seem odd choices for anything other than the most determined off road explorer. The six wheeled mobility scooter will offer excellent traction but, they tend to be extremely long and there is reduced steering action and greater resistance to turning, making them cumbersome.

As to the tracked vehicles, while they can indeed turn on their own axis, this in itself presents a pretty serious drawback.

Quite simply tracked vehicles tend to be heavy and will often destroy the surface you use them on. Unless you are using them in a place where this is not a problem your free roaming is likely to come to a very abrupt end and may even result in expenses being claimed for the damage you have caused.

More conventional, wheeled scooters present another issue. Their chunky tyres, long travel suspension and overall bulk make them totally impractical for use in day to day life, they become totally useless if you try to negotiate the tight aisles of shop for example.

All of our five-wheel scooters are extremely stable and can be used in environments you would think they would not be suited to.

The stability, agility, safety and comfort shared by the entire range due to our Quintell™ technologies make them surprisingly capable in a range of terrains and our Tri-wheel steering will remain light and responsive in any given situation.

We think our mobility scooters offer some of the best alternates to all terrain models

In the UK hardly any of us live on, or near, ground that warrants the use of an all terrain mobility scooter. Most of the places you will wish to visit have clearly defined paths and reasonably even surfaces for your scooter to travel on.

This said, as you travel up the Quingo range, the higher power motors, bigger batteries that offer extended ranges, will take you further afield.

Many of you will be thinking you need an all-terrain mobility scooter for daily tasks such as walking your dog. The answer to this is probably not.

Mostly, when we walk our pets, we will stick to the path while our dogs zoom around sniffing and playing. It is the dog that “off roads” not you.

“It’s great; absolutely fine. I am doing pretty much the same journey every time and it copes with the uneven paths well. I don’t get shaken about too much. And my dog likes it; running alongside at 8mph he gets a good work out too.” – Mr Cook

When it comes to outdoor activity most off you will be using your mobility scooters to visit beauty spots and places of interest.


These, by their very nature, will have accessible pathways in place, they have to by law.

Places that have more restricted access will most likely be able to provide a loan mobility scooter specifically designed for very rough terrain.

“The scooter is fine and I am very pleased with it. I was able to take it on holiday with me recently to Westward Ho! where there is a lovely cliff top pathway. I was able to use my scooter all the way along the path and I wanted to go further but my husband was starting to puff a bit so I turned round. On the way back I let him use the scooter and he loved it.” –  Mrs Gibson

Even when you get off those tracks there are few places you would realistically wish to go that our scooters cannot cope with and, if you live in a rural location, there are often paths to get to most places near you.

The UK offers some of the best paths and lanes that mean you don't need ab all terrain mobility scooter

“I’m getting on fine with my scooter thanks. There is a long path between St Ives and Houghton and I have been able to get down there.” – Mr Hodge

So, the question should be “If I live in the UK, am I best off buying something other than an all-terrain mobility scooter?”

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