I need a mobility scooter – Finding the right one for you

For many, there will come a time when we say to ourselves “I need a mobility scooter” and, for many, this is probably a very true statement.

There are many reasons you may think you want one so, the first question should be “Why do I need a mobility scooter?”

The most obvious reason is overcoming a physical limitation caused by a disability. This can severely impact your day to day ability to undertake basic tasks like shopping, socialising, walking your dog or visiting healthcare facilities to name but a few.

I need a mobility scooter to walk my dogI’m doing alright with my scooter. It’s definitely given me a new lease of life and freedom. After two years I can now go out again and walk my dog. – Mrs Fish

Being unable to get out in the fresh air, visit with friends or do daily tasks can lead to significant deterioration of your mental wellbeing, with a sense of powerlessness and depression likely to follow.

The ability to go out when you want to and to get to places with a minimum of fuss is incredibly important for your independence and we frequently hear from Quingo owners how important this sense of regained freedom is to them.

mrs lambe on scooter

It’s absolutely brilliant! It has given me so much more independence and a lot more freedom. – Mrs Lambe

One of the things that you may find difficult or even overwhelming is having to arrange to get to a shop to choose a mobility scooter.

After what can be a significant amount of travel, and expense, you may well find yourself fatigued and not in the best frame of mind to make what is possibly one of the most important choices in your life. You may not be able to properly assess the value a scooter will bring to you or whether or not it is comfortable due to being in pain or tiredness.

The answer to your initial question of “Do I need a mobility scooter?” could be that you don’t as it is not the correct mobility aid for your needs.

All of these issues are removed when you take one of our complimentary home demonstrations and test drives. As we come to your home you will be rested, fresh and as comfortable as you can be. Our advisor will discuss your condition, how you intend to use the scooter, show you the benefits only our 5-wheel scooters can offer with their worldwide patented Quintell™ Technologies.

We will never suggest a scooter that is not suitable for you and will tell you if a scooter is not going to be the solution for your needs.

When we have identified that a scooter will be right and of significant benefit to you we will then recommend the models we think will suit you best, though you can try all or any model in the range you wish.

The advisor will then assess your abilities and ensure your safety to drive a scooter and then you will find the answer to “Do I need a mobility scooter?” on your very own test drive. This will take place where you will use the scooter and do the sort of tasks you intend to use it for. The test drive can be as long as it takes for you to be sure you get what suits you.

So, if you find yourself thinking “I need a mobility scooter” then it would be a good idea to get in contact with us and find out for yourself, in the comfort of your home surroundings, just how much a Quingo can do for you!

The Spirit of Freedom

I have named my scooter “The Spirit of Freedom” because it has transformed my life. I am really happy and pleased with it. – Mr Turner

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