Mobility Scooter Basket

The mobility scooter basket is a much-underrated accessory and it may surprise you the many ways it is useful.

It is important to be aware of how it can impact the use of your scooter, its safety and manoeuvrability.

A mobility scooter basket is a feature of all the models in our range.

We used to, like every other scooter manufacturer place the mounts for our mobility scooter basket on the scooter tiller.

We realised that this significantly impacts the weight of the steering and the agility of the scooter itself as weight is added to the mobility scooter basket. This extra weight can even, in some cases, make the driver lose control of the vehicle when traversing rough surfaces or climbing kerbs for example.

Mounting the mobility scooter basket in this fashion also makes the centre of gravity higher.

While our active tri-wheel steering and self-centring tillers mitigated a lot of the issues with the tiller mounted mobility scooter basket we wanted to go even further in improving the already impressive handling and safety of our scooters.

The designers of the Quingo mobility scooter range AVC found the solution to the problem of steering becoming heavy or difficult to control by changing the fundamental way the basket is mounted.

We now mount the basket direct to the chassis of the scooter on all models except the Plus. This has the dual benefits of maintaining our famously light steering and with the basket moving about less there is a lower likelihood of you losing your precious goods. The basket is also stronger in this configuration.

mobility scooters baasket, perfect for shooping

I love it; my scooter has made such a difference to my life. It goes further than the last scooter I had and I can get all the shopping I need into the basket. It’s great. – Mrs Silk

Our baskets let you browse the shelves of your local shops when you need to top up on essentials between larger shops, they are also ideal for carrying other small items like prescriptions.

The Flyte is possibly our ultimate shopping scooter. Not only does it self-load into your hatchback SUV or estate car in under sixty seconds allowing you to transport your scooter to your shopping destination it features two baskets a steel mesh basket is placed under the seat and there is a tough plastic basket to the front of the scooter. Though we would not suggest that these can contain a full week’s shopping but they are ample for at least a couple of days.

Some of our customers have found even more novel ways to make use of their mobility scooters’ baskets.

Dog in a mobility scooter basket

It’s a wonderful little machine: I think you have an excellent product. Going out now I can take my little dog who likes to sit in the front basket. I have been pleased with the service and your salesman Ian was first class. Oh and the camera is a Godsend. – Mrs Tanner

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