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5th July 2021

Mobility scooters prices

There is a huge range of mobility scooters prices to be found when you are researching buying a mobility scooter. So that makes choosing one simply a matter of price surely? Well if you buy… Read more

Best Mobility Scooters in the UK

We are confident that the Quingo range are the best mobility scooters in the UK. Your immediate response to that is probably, “Well you would say that wouldn’t you?” And a healthy scepticism is perfectly… Read more

Small mobility scooter

Is a Small Mobility Scooter the Right Choice for Me? A small mobility scooter can be very handy in a number of ways, but larger scooters also have significant advantages as well. In fact, a… Read more

Best value mobility scooters

Best value mobility scooters With so many available which are the best value mobility scooters? It would seem obvious that the cheapest scooters would be the best value scooters but this is not always the… Read more

25th June 2021

Mr Richards Talks About His Vitess 2 Quingo Mobility Scooter

Here at Quingo we aim to offer not only a fantastic product but also exceptional customer service. Mr Richards tells us about his Vitess 2 Quingo mobility scooter and his experience of our free home… Read more

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