Why Not Celebrate Easter With A Quingo Scooter?

happy easter from quingo🍫🐰Happy Easter🐰🍫

Easter is here, a time to see family, go for a picnic, or even just eat lots of chocolate treats! With all the nice and sunny weather we have been having, there is no need to spend the day indoors, even if you are unsteady on your feet Quingo have a solution… Since Easter is a time for treats why not treat yourself to a scooter? Going out and about independently will be easier than ever! At Quingo we have a wide range of scooters: from class 2 portable scooters to class 3 8mph scooters, to power chairs. We really do have something for everyone!

Since it is easter you may be wondering what you could do with your time when you have a Quingo, here are a few ideas we come up with…

Planning an Easter egg hunt with your grandchildren!🐥

plan an easter egg hunt with family


Children grow up so fast, so make the most of spending time with them whilst they are in their youth. On your Quingo you can easily get around the garden. Even on the uneven grassy terrain and hide eggs in all sorts of places. Since quingos have 5 wheels they have a small turning circle, as small as 40 inches, so no need to worry about getting trapped in small spaces because Quingo scooters are highly manoeuvrable.



A trip to the beach 🏖

treat yourself with a trip to the beach

The sun is shining in this April heatwave, after the miserable winter weather, we all deserve to enjoy the sunshine. Why not have a trip to the beach? Treat yourself to a cod and chips and maybe even an ice cream. Your Quingo scooter will assist you around your day. So even if you are out for a long time some scooters have a charge that lasts up to 55 miles. So

 there are no worries that you will be stranded with no charge left on your battery.


Walking Around The Park Or A Trip To The National Trust🌳

quingo go anywhere!Why not get outdoors for some fresh air? Whether it’s around your local park or you load your Flyte or Ultra into your car boot and get on the road to a local national trust site. Since both scooters are fully portable they are very ideal for those who enjoy a day out away from home. Simply load the scooter into your car, by dismantling it or using our docking system, and go to your chosen destination. With Quingo scooters there is no hassle or heavy lifting, just the freedom you have always wanted.


Happy Easter from all of us at Quingo, we hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend just as much as we will.🍫

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