Which is the Best Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter?

There are a lot of answers when responding to the question “Which is the best heavy duty mobility scooter?”

Scooters have varying purposes and the design best suited to a heavy duty mobility scooter will differ greatly from say a portable scooter.

Before you even consider buying a heavy duty or off-road scooter, you need to ask yourself what you intend to use the scooter for. If you just want to go for a jaunt on a country footpath for example then you don’t need full-blown off-road scooter.

If you really must go off road there are a few specifically designed heavy duty vehicles that claim to best even the roughest terrain, they come in various configurations be it three, four or six wheels with some even having tracks like a tank.

However, they are only of any use on really rough ground and tend to be totally impractical for day to day use. They are extremely heavy and have poor turning circles so you couldn’t use one to go shopping for example.

Tracked vehicles tend to damage the surface you take them over so you may not be popular when you tear up the golf course, national trust path or nature reserve with your scooter!

May we suggest that a slightly less over the top heavy duty mobility scooter may be your best choice?

The Toura2 the best heavy duty mobility scooter

We think you can’t go wrong with our five-wheel, range topping Toura2 which combines the best features of a heavy duty scooter with the comfort and refinements of a luxury scooter.

Our Quintell™ five wheel technologies combine to offer far greater legroom, comfort, agility, stability and safety. Meaning you will have the confidence to venture on to more challenging terrain.

“I love my scooter; I absolutely love it! It’s making a great difference to my life and I particularly like the extra power it has. I live in a hilly area and the roads locally are very rough. The other day I went over a large pot hole and I was delighted how easily the scooter coped.” – Mrs Bebbington

One of the key features you will be looking for in a heavy duty mobility scooter is long range and the Toura2 offers a massive 55 miles, which is up there with the very best.

The bigger batteries in the Toura2 allow for an extremely powerful 650w motor which can really make a difference when you want to climb steep inclines if you find yourself in a hilly area.

This motor and various other design enhancements also mean the Toura2 can handle a passenger weight of 220kg or 35 stone.

The larger wheels featured on the Toura2 also help to cope with to cope with rough terrain and there is no negative impact on the manoeuvrability offered due to our revolutionary Tri-Wheel Steering.

“I took my scooter out yesterday and explored parts of the Town I had not seen for quite some time. I am delighted with the scooter’s ability to tackle rough ground.” Mr Brown

More capable, fully adjustable suspension is offered by our SmoothDrive II Extended Travel Suspension providing substantial benefit to your comfort.

Comfort from our SmoothDriveII long travel suspension may make for the best heavy duty mobility scooter

The Quingo five wheel range are, by design, tremendously sure-footed and are all capable of dealing with poor weather conditions such as snow, significantly reducing your chance of you being injured in a fall.

The Toura2 can also be fitted with its own All Weather Removable Canopy making going out in bad weather a much more pleasurable experience.

Beat the weather with a heavy duty mobility scooter cover

So, what constitutes the best heavy duty mobility scooter?

We think you will agree that, with its rugged dependability, the Toura2 is definitely right up there!

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