What Are The 5 Ultimate Features Of The Quingo Ultra?

Is The Quingo Ultra The Scooter For You?

quingo ultra

The Quingo Ultra is a class 2 boot scooter with a maximum speed of 4mph, a kerb climbing ability of 2 inches, a maximum range of 18 miles and a carrying capacity of 21 stone. But the benefits don’t end there, here are the 5 ultimate features of a Quingo Ultra…

1. Ultra Lightweight: The Ultra is made from aluminium so it dismantles easily and quickly into lightweight sections so that it can be taken in most small cars easily in under 60 seconds, which is ideal for someone who wants to take their scooter further afield more regularly.

ultra lightweight

2. Ultra Power: The Ultra has a high-power motor so that it can be used in most environments, with a kerb climbing ability of 2 inches so it can be used on different terrains if necessary.

ultra power

3. Ultra Range: The Ultra is fitted with 4 15Amphr batteries, which gives the Ultra a level of performance and range not seen in any other class 2 portable model with a maximum range of 18 miles.

ultra range

4. Ultra Comfort: The Ultra is just over 1 meter long, yet due to the patented 5-wheel system this offers a level of comfort that cannot be beaten. The Quingo 5-wheel advantage means that it has an unrivalled turning circle without the risk of toppling over and superior control on inclines, slopes and rough terrains.

ultra comfort

5. Ultra Manoeuvrable: The Ultra with the Quingo 5-wheel system has a very small turning circle, which makes it the ideal companion in shops, you will no longer have to execute 3-point turns.

ultra manoeuvrable

So if you think the ultra could be the scooter for you or you are interested in trying another scooter from our range then you can book a no obligation FREE test drive with us today!

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