Travel Mobility Scooter

What many of us think of as a travel mobility scooter is a scooter that has, by its very nature, to make some fairly substantial concessions, some would argue in fact, that too many compromises are made in order to meet the demands of travelling in some models.

When you think of a travel mobility scooter you will probably have some set ideas in mind as what one of these will feature.

In this article we will discuss whether these attributes are desirable or, may in fact become flaws, that you will become aware of more and more as you use your scooter in the real world.

Most are designed to be transportable first, and a mobility aid second, something that we feel is an egregious error.

Many feature small wheels, which can get caught in even the smallest of potholes, which means, if your scooter has three wheels you will likely fall over and, if it has four wheels, you may get stuck, either by the wheel being incapable of exiting the pothole, or by becoming beached on the underside of the scooter frame.

Travel mobility scooter small wheel stuck in pothole and beached

Being compact, and therefore smaller, they often lack any decent space provision.

Some don’t even have a footwell just a couple of small foot pegs that could, we feel even be dangerous, with the high risk of your feet sliding off the pegs if you have trouble with your legs. These are always in a fixed position which means if your legs are shorter, or indeed longer, your legs will be under strain and you will soon experience growing discomfort.

The desire to create a folding scooter has a potential twofold detrimental impact on the travel mobility scooter.

Firstly, they may lack a degree of rigidity and secondly, the largest single component, the seat, will often be paired back drastically to make it smaller and there will be little to no adjustment available. Add in small wheels and no suspension and you are in for a teeth-rattling ride!

Many have no basket, so you will have nowhere for your souvenirs, or the basket is mounted on the tiller, which is the worst place it can be situated.

These types of scooters often have insubstantial tillers with very narrow, constricting handlebars. If you combine a full basket, flimsy tiller and the lack of leverage given by the handlebars turning will require considerable effort and there is a very real risk of losing control if your front wheel strikes an object.

Instead of considering these compromised vehicles might it not be worth just finding out if you can rent a scooter at your destination?

This becomes a more pertinent question when you realise you will not be able to ride your scooter all the way to a plane or from it when disembarking.

As well as this you should be asking yourself just what kind of travel you are expecting to undertake.

If your main intended form of transport will be a car, there is little to no point in confining yourself to the restrictions that are engrained in this type of travel mobility scooter, when you can have a scooter that is easily transported while offering all the benefits of a full-size scooter.

So, is there a viable alternative that is portable, comfortable, safe and manoeuvrable?


We would suggest we have two models in the Quingo range that offer you the full range of benefits only attainable with our Quintell™ Technologies and are great partners for your trips.

The Ultra and Flyte are primarily suited to travel in cars, so by their very nature are compact, but both offer fantastic leg space, up to 80% more than an equivalent 4-wheel model, comfort, adjustability and safety.

This means they can easily be carried in other types of vehicle, including planes, as they are fully certified for air travel.

With both of these scooters, the brief was to take a fully featured, adaptable and comfortable scooter and then, through smart use of engineering, making it small enough and light enough to be easily transportable with the Ultra, and to remove the need for any kind of heavy lifting with the Flyte.

Another thing you will find on our portable scooters are lights, something that is all too often absent on the travel mobility scooter, and this could have a severe impact on your safety while using one.

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